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Port Melbourne Data Centre & Operations Facility.


Our client is locally owned, forward thinking & innovative. Their mission is to unlock the power of IT, making their clients’ businesses ever more competitive.

In line with this, they sought to create an environment that would bring boundary pushing technology into their new $100m data centre and operations facility, reflecting the innovative nature of their own business.

Attracting talent was also a key driver, so ensuring the group spaces were flexible enough to allow for utilization in a social context was another primary objective. The business needed to leverage each system to enhance daily operations.

Technology needed to be integrated both in terms of

structure and workflows. Presentation and collaboration solutions had to be impressive, reliable and intuitive enough for all staff and clients to use and of course, had to meet a budget..

The scale and nature of the project presented a complex set of challenges. Our role was to interpret the client’s requirements, meet the architectural objectives, and provide a level of technology that would align with progression over an extended period of time.

This meant pushing the boundaries of what was available, delicate negotiation with architects and builders, and leveraging technology that was ‘just around the corner’ during the design phase and then implementation of robust systems that are inherently simple & intuitive to use.


Our team designed & deployed a comprehensive suite of audio visual, unified communications and collaboration solutions across the entire facility.

By taking a holistic view of the client’s objectives and culture, solutions were designed to integrate with workflows and enhance user experience at every level.

Spaces across the entire facility are integrated and automated with Crestron infrastructure and management solutions, ensuring availability and simplified operation of all systems.

The AV systems deployed to each space range from simple digital displays to fully bespoke interactive touch surfaces with visual communications software platforms.


For the past 3 years I’ve been project managing a new 7,000sqm head office/data centre facility for a large Australian IT company.  A major focus of this development was a suite of critical spaces and systems throughout the building that feature cutting edge, high-end interactive AV functionality. This included a:

  • technologically advanced Innovation Centre
  • large scale auditorium
  • boardroom
  • videoconferencing rooms
  • feature displays throughout the enormous reception hall
  • sophisticated local room booking systems

Intelligent design of all AV systems and end-point displays in this facility was critical for this technologically savvy client with extremely high standards in resilience, functionality and aesthetics. Paul Kemp (Operations Director of Pro AV Solutions VIC) collaborated with myself and key client groups to generate a complete AV design package that frankly blew our minds. His extensive knowledge of cutting edge and pipeline (future) systems coming onto the marketplace, appropriate end-point display solutions and the back-end IT requirements to integrate it all, engendered such a high degree of confidence and trust, that we invited Pro AV Solutions to tender for the AV construction contract.

Pro AV Solutions VIC tender response was not only the lowest price, but it reflected a profoundly thorough knowledge of the client’s needs and desired outcomes. Importantly, it also offered substantial value management options. These translated into very significant, savvy cost saving measures that did not compromise the end solution.

During the construction phase I observed that all three directors (Paul Kemp, Ben Daffy and Justin Gleeson) conducted themselves on a major building site with the highest degree of competence, professionalism and diligence. They were particularly deft at effectively coordinating their works around a very complex, difficult construction programme with numerous competing trades/contractors.

Their exceptional communication skills meant that I was constantly aware of their progress, and of the innovative ways they were solving significant onsite challenges (created by wider build issues) to deploying the AV scope. Clearly, delivering agreed client outcomes and meeting deadlines was always of paramount importance to Pro Av Solutions. To ensure critical systems were fully operational for key corporate events, I regularly observed them working through the night (to compensate for delays created by the client or builder) to always deliver without fail a fully functional system that absolutely wowed the client.

Since the client took possession of the building, Pro AV have worked tirelessly to provide phenomenal post-build support to staff, particularly around system training. As a result, the organisation has enjoyed a very smooth transition to a significantly more technologically advanced workspace, and clients/visitors are also profoundly impressed with the facility.

I can’t thank Pro Av Solutions VIC enough for their outstanding performance on this build. I couldn’t recommend them more highly on the basis of their:

  • Knowledge of cutting edge and pipeline AV platforms/endpoints, and their exceptional technical understanding of what is required to integrate those systems effectively into a client’s existing IT picture.
  • Ability to deliver a comprehensive AV design that reflects a thorough understanding of the client’s needs, and (critically) their commercial/budget constraints.
  • Incredible generosity with which they offer their knowledge and resources in collaborating closely with the client throughout every stage of the project cycle, including post completion support.
  • Total dedication to delivering the contracted scope of works.
  • Unwavering adherence to the strictest ethics, and always operating with the utmost professionalism and integrity.



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