Design is often a journey of discovery as we take people through what is possible. Designing a system does not revolve around the individual products in the space, but rather the needs and the uses in the space by all individuals. The design plays such a key role in the development of the functionality of each room.  Our end design is achieved through communication and further discussion aimed at defining a scope, supported by a functional brief, matched to the business budget.

We use our knowledge and expertise to assess the system design, aesthetics and overall infrastructure to provide value-focused and effective solutions.

Our design is not just about how a solution looks, but just as importantly, how it works and what it achieves. We do this to make sure the system works to the client’s needs and is appropriate for the environment.

As part of our design process, we provide accurate drawings and schematics which are essential to the smooth running of a quality installation. Whether the requirement is for cable schedules, rack layouts, as-built drawings or any other CAD requirements, our own in-house resource provide this service.


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