Case Study – Findon Technical College

Adelaide, South Australia


In an educational landscape rapidly changing to meet learning needs and maintaining technological relevance, the necessity for adaptive and engaging learning environments has never been more apparent. Pro AV Solutions has a strong record of driving innovative technology solutions across all levels of education, and is proud to have partnered with Findon Technical College, a beacon of vocational education in South Australia, collaborating with industry-leading partners to introduce a groundbreaking selection of audiovisual solutions to enrich the educational experience.

Presented with the client’s vision to elevate the college’s learning spaces, the project focused on implementing various interactive classroom solutions, establishing versatile meeting spaces, and introducing a significant 32:9 LED display to cater to diverse learning and communication needs. This initiative aimed to modernise educational delivery, create environments that stimulate student engagement, and facilitate seamless communication among educators and students.


Understanding the unique dynamics of this educational environment, Pro AV Solutions tailored its approach to align with Findon Technical College’s vision.

The incorporation of CommBox Interactive technology transformed traditional classrooms into interactive hubs where students and teachers could engage in a more dynamic learning process.

Implementing a large 32:9 DiColor LED screen provided a versatile visual platform suitable for various educational activities, from lectures and presentations to collaborative projects. This innovative solution ensures that content is delivered with exceptional clarity and visual impact, catering to the diverse needs of the college’s programs.

Versatile meeting spaces were equipped with cutting-edge technology, including Crestron Control systems and Yealink video conferencing solutions, facilitating seamless digital collaboration within and beyond the campus. USB-C connectivity was integrated across these spaces, ensuring ease of access and flexibility for users with variable technological needs.


CommBox Interactive

Interactive displays that foster engagement and active collaboration in the classroom.

DiColor LED

A large-format display offering unmatched visual clarity for diverse educational applications.

Crestron Control

Simplified control systems enabling intuitive management of AV resources across various spaces.

Yealink Video Conferencing

High-quality video conferencing solutions that bridge the gap between traditional and digital learning environments.


A few months after implementation, Findon Technical College’s feedback has been very positive. The integration of advanced AV technology has elevated the college’s learning spaces and significantly enhanced the educational experience for teachers and students.

The project’s success exemplifies the transformative potential of integrated AV solutions in the educational sector. By fostering environments that encourage interactive learning and effective communication, Pro AV Solutions has helped Findon Technical College set a new benchmark for technological innovation in education.

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