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Australian-based company FEX Global provides and operates a range of energy, environmental and commodity-based futures, focused primarily on servicing the Asia-Pacific region. FEX Global provides customers with capital efficiencies and provides more hedging options for the APAC region.

When discussions with Pro AV Solutions began, the FEX Global team’s vision was to retire their dated legacy video display wall & implement a visually impactful LED Media Wall that aligned with their requirements for digital signage and events, whilst showcasing their brand in an innovative fashion at one of Sydney’s busiest locations.

To leverage this prime location, the client wanted to ensure optimal visibility for passing foot traffic from the street. The primary focus point for our customer was to create a unique, immersive visual experience that would give the space an awe-inspiring edge.

To ensure the space could be flexible and easily used for a variety of events, our design team worked with the client to build a solution that featured –

  • A Large format LED Media Wall with a flexible digital canvas.
  • Microphones & audio re-enforcement for input content.
  • Intuitive control for operation & management.
  • Presentation from multiple supplied input devices.

This space now serves as the main publicity & event space for FEX Global.

“FEX were looking for a “wow” factor, especially considering that the LED would be on display to the public from Bridge St. The Samsung solution delivered by Pro AV was a perfect fit for FEX, enabling them to drive eye-catching signage and engaging presentations that would fully utilise the digital canvas in all its glory.”

Tom Withford, Account Manager, Pro AV Solutions


Once the beautiful Samsung Wall arrived and the Sydney team could attend the site, Pro AV Solutions were able to install the crystal-clear, ultra-vibrant Samsung LED Wall.

LED Wall Specifications

  • Pixel Pitch – 1.6mm
  • Aspect Ratio – 32:9
  • Screen Size [L]8m x [H]2.3m.

The Samsung Wall features microLED technology, edge-to-edge glass, and optimum peak brightness which is what makes the image quality so clear. Additionally, CORIOMaster was also deployed for video wall image processing for hi res quality video to play seamlessly.

For audio enhancement, the new space was fitted with Bose Panaray Line array speakers, providing outstanding vocal intelligibility, along with Crown Power amplifiers, and Biamp DSP audio processor for resilient audio streaming.

Pro AV Solutions delivered an outstanding result that exceeded expectations and provided the right outcome for FEX.

“We worked closely with the customer through several workshops and design iterations. This allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the FEX Global business requirements and aspirations for the space, as well as the user experience outcomes desired for the team. This translated to a functional design with maximum impact, reliability, and usability.”

Marc Silver, Solutions Architect, Pro AV Solutions



As part of the project plan, the intention was to install what a large Samsung “The Wall” providing a solution that aligned perfectly with FEX’s end-goals by delivering a new generation of display technology and a truly exclusive experience.

However, COVID-19 threw an interesting curveball that none of us could have foreseen. Along with the industry chip shortage impacting LED manufacturing in general, this unique and state of the art LED is custom built and with lockdowns for manufacturing coupled with the chip shortage, the ability to get the LED into Australia was almost impossible.

To overcome this challenge and still deliver a great experience to the FEX team at their office while the LED was in transit, the team at Pro AV worked with Samsung to install and integrate a 2 x 2 85” Display wall as an interim solution while we waited for the precious cargo to arrive.

The team at FEX was greatly satisfied and impressed with the professionalism, communication, and results that Pro AV Solutions delivered, acknowledging the efforts by our team going the extra mile and truly delivering excellence during a challenging time.



To ensure the client could invest in a high-quality solution and fix their cost of ownership without disrupting capital budgets, Pro AV Solutions worked with our partners SmartEase to provide the solution within an OpEx construct. This allowed FEX Global to achieve both the technical and commercial outcomes required for the project, with a simple monthly fee and options to buy out or return the hardware at the end of the contract.

Through our simple aaS workflow, FEX Global were approved for their finance plan within a matter of days. The process for FEX Global was simple and easy for them to complete online. All of the hardware and professional services provided by Pro AV Solutions was covered in this package so no upfront costs were due for FEX Global for any of the project. This payment plan allowed Pro AV Solutions to work with on delivering the solutions to budget while minimising impact to capital budgets without compromising on quality or functionality.

“Due to ongoing COVID19-related supply chain issues, we worked more closely than usual with Pro AV to customise the finance solution for the customer… COVID caused many of the project materials to be delayed which unfortunately impacted the delivery timeframes of the specified solution. Working closely with Pro AV, Smart Ease continuously updated the project approval and then once goods arrived, we were able to structure milestones to meet the project delivery completion dates.” – Guy Olian, CEO, SmartEase

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