Interactive Whiteboards & Displays for Education

We work with you to identify the best interactive whiteboard & display solutions for your learning spaces, to optimise value and deliver genuine improvements in outcomes.

We know from experience that when it comes to your classroom display, there’s no “one size fits all” solution. So we work with you to develop an understanding of your organization and how you can leverage interactive whiteboard and touch display technology. That means you get the solution that’s the best fit for your needs – improving both engagement and outcomes for groups of all ages and types.



Active interaction has never been easier. Use familiar touch gestures to navigate and interact with digital content.


Digital inking lets you whiteboard and write into apps like SMART Notebook and MS Office. It’s as simple as using a whiteboard marker.


Easily save & PDF whiteboard sessions and annotations on your computer or device. Continue sessions on any display or device.


Share content in real time or via email with a few simple touches. Integrate seamlessly with any UC collaboration platform.

Active learning and collaboration for classes of all ages and sizes.

Our range of interactive whiteboards for education help teachers improve engagement, encourage active participation and cut down on lesson preparation time. We partner with schools, TAFE and universities to deploy fully-supported solutions with training, software, and leasing options.


Interactive whiteboards.

Our interactive whiteboards for education allow you to add basic interactivity and a large display image to the classroom. With premium quality brands, combined with the latest ultra-short throw projectors, interactive lessons are now brighter and sharper than ever before.


SMART Boards.

SMART Board interactive flat panel displays are our most popular solution for collaboration in the classroom. Combining the ease of an interactive whiteboard with the reliability of flat panel technology, find out why more schools choose SMART for their learning spaces.


Interactive projectors.

If you need a simple interactive solution, but you don’t want to give up your dry erase whiteboard, our interactive projectors for education may be the right fit for your classroom. You can even project directly onto a wall and use finger touch and interactive pens to deliver digital lesson content.


Basic touch displays.

Our range of basic interactive education displays offers teachers and students the chance to experience interactivity and improved engagement in the classroom at an affordable price. Use multitouch gestures to interact with lesson content and demonstrate concepts in real time.

Commbox Interactive Display

Empowering visual learning.

The Commbox interactive display is the perfect tool for educators to bring collaborative lessons that encourage active participation, allowing interactive presentations, annotation over digital content and access to educational apps. All in one.

It features anti-glare glass and HD or FHD (4K) resolution, which combat the affect an unclear image could have your lessons. The viewing angle on LED touchscreens with these features is second to none.


Instant Whiteboarding, web browsing, screensharing.

Interactive Classic V3


The ultimate collaboration, communications and presentation tool.

Interactive Pulse V3


SMART Boards

Our 2020 range of SMART Boards for education are built for the connected classroom. Bring your displays, software and personal devices together.

SMART Boards have been re-invented for 21st-century learning. Teachers and learners can now experience the connected SMART classroom like never before. Front-of-room interactive displays that seamlessly integrate with the software and devices you already use, without the cables and hassle.

Samsung Flip

Maximise collaboration through refined interactive technology.

Designed for the creative thinking, Samsung interactive boards allow to seamlessly draw, write and collaborate with a smooth passive pen in a variety of available colors, styles and widths. Some of the tools nclude brush mode or the possibility of writing on any background on any background source. Up to four people can write simultaneously, using any object as a writing tool.

The Samsung Flip can be also be used as a calendar, scheduler, note or checklist board, matching any classroom need, allowing participants to utilize the display in many customized ways.

Flip 2

Complete interactive collaboration solutions.

We take a holistic approach to building connected learning & collaboration environments, so speak to us about a complete interactive technology solution built on best practices.

Interactive displays.

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