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Pro AV Solutions

Delivering professional audiovisual, collaboration and unified communications solutions.

With more than 30 years of audio visual experience, a team of over 220 professionals and eight offices around the country, our expertise and size provides an unparalleled set of skills that when matched with the worlds most advanced technology, deliver some of the largest and most prestigious audio visual projects in Australia and internationally.

Pro AV Solutions delivers exceptional experiences at every point in our client relationship, from project inception through to design, delivery, ongoing service and support. We deliver high quality projects on time and on budget, and are always aiming to exceed our client’s expectations throughout dedication to excellence.

“The products alone don’t deliver outcomes to our customers, it’s the design, the implementation and the dedication to excellence backed by our highly skilled and industry trained staff that makes our solutions better than our competitors, try us and you will experience the difference.”

Anthony Jeffcoat – Managing Director, Pro AV Solutions (NSW)



In 1999, a partnership was formed under the name Navigate Group between all State businesses. The vision was of a combined force of AV integration professionals that all prided themselves on delivering excellence, with each State business continuing to operate under individual trading names.

In August 2012, the Navigate Group, officially united under the banner of Pro AV Solutions, with all businesses trading now as Pro AV Solutions.

With the combined strength of hundreds of professionals sharing the same passion, culture and vision to innovate, Pro AV Solutions is uniquely capable of offering solutions that capture the imagination and exceed our clients’ expectations




Our people are long term investments, they know it and we know it. The cog-wheels would not turn without them. Our business has a genuine “family” feeling, and our people are treated and respected that way. Our operations in each state are owner operated, and the passion of our owners transfers to the way they approach business and the way they think about and treat their people.  We operate in teams – teams generate ownership, participation, responsibility, and fun!

We have a formidable pool of talent and embedded knowledge available through the qualifications, expertise and experience of our people. The workflow processes and systems we implement allow us to capture, distribute and manage this knowledge ensuring all employees, and clients, benefit accordingly.



Truly national, Pro AV Solutions offers professional solutions and un-surpassed service and support Australia wide. With fully resourced offices around Australia, there is no need to wait, no need to rely on fly in/fly out specialised staff, and no need to pay more than you need to, to get the project done on time and on budget no matter where you are.

Throughout Australia, Pro AV Solutions’ customers can achieve the best professional audiovisual, collaboration and unified communications solutions consistently, to the same high standard, based on the same value structure and delivered reliably and risk-free. Pro AV Solutions will deliver your project, across Australia, with our stamp of excellence.

With Australia’s largest network of qualified and specialised staff, Pro AV Solutions national team are proudly delivering exceptional outcomes and exceeding expectations. The customer benefits are endless, national innovation, knowledge sharing, problem solving and collaboration are just some of the huge gains we deliver to our customers every day, around Australia.

Pro AV Solutions has industry leading experience and has built up a network of offices throughout Australia, consisting of fully resourced teams, which include sales, administration, engineering, and project and service delivery.

The company focuses on seamless design, installation, support and maintenance to create innovative environments and work spaces. Pro AV Solutions core competency is in understanding how technology can be integrated into an environment to create solutions that help individuals or teams present ideas, share information, communicate and collaborate.

We work alongside some very well-known names and have an extensive local and national client base within corporate, government, public, military, legal and education sectors.

Delivering Excellence.

Our commitment to delivering excellence is evident in the energy and technical know-how that underpins everything that Pro AV Solutions undertakes. We’re committed to providing the highest quality advice, products and service to our customers. We do our best to ensure our installation and service levels exceed customer expectations wherever possible.

Vision and Core Values.

Our tagline ‘experience excellence’ speaks to the vision of Pro AV Solutions and our core values of honesty, trust and loyalty. It sums up the way we go about business. It sets up an expectation of something superior, outstanding and memorable. It sets us apart from the crowd as our clients, prospects and stakeholders can experience the best and expect excellence.

Our Directors and all our staff strive for excellence in everything we do, with every project or task we are assigned. Our mission is to ensure our technical expertise remains at the forefront of the industry by having superior product knowledge, and developing appropriate training programs for our staff. We always put our customers first, and aim to satisfy every customer’s unique needs, ensuring that they can use their technology solution to its full potential.

We strive to provide our staff with a work culture that is conducive to excellent service and innovation, and do our best to ensure the company is a rewarding career for our staff.


Pro AV Solutions is the Australian member of the GPA. The GPA provides high quality audiovisual and video conferencing solutions and services to organisations around the world.

The GPA provides professional AV and unified communication solutions and services via its members in more than 30 countries and in over 170 major cities around the globe. Collectively we employ 3,500 AV and UC professionals. That makes Pro AV Solutions part of the biggest audio visual and collaboration consortium in the world.

As the Australian member for the GPA, Pro AV Solutions delivers our world class products and services to the global market place, either for some of our globally headquartrered business right here in Australia, or as an opportunity to partner on behalf of our many GPA members around the world servicing multinational organisations globally.


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Our strategic vendor/manufacturer partnerships continually give Pro AV Solutions the highest level of endorsement. We pride ourselves in only using world class, reliable products from a range of leading manufacturers around the world.

Building strong partnerships with our key vendors/manufacturers provides Pro AV Solutions access to the highest level of industry training, support and product knowledge. With the ever increasing pressure on budget, our relationships also bring great value for money through our national tier one vendor classification and buying power. Some of our strategic vendor partners include:


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