Teaching Spaces for Higher Education

Solutions for interactive and focused higher education learning

Presentation and Lecture Theatres

Capture the attention of your students, and say goodbye to clunky old document camera.

Educational institutions are increasingly turning to audio visual technology to better prepare and engage students by creating stimulating, interactive and immersive content to present in presentation and lecture theatres.


Keep your audience engaged with dynamic content on screen.


Faultlessly stream lectures and presentations live to distance-learning students.


Record lectures and presentations for students to watch anywhere, anytime.

Kickstart Interactive Learning

Optimise your tutorial and teaching spaces with ‘walk up and use’ technology built around interactive learning.

Our integrated audio visual solutions have revolutionised training spaces by drawing on collaborative technologies and enhancing them within the learning environment to encompass easy to use control systems. This creates a unique learning experience that both students and teachers love.


Options include standard whiteboard marker to responsive digital markers.


Capture your notes to your device or USB.


Send a PDF or stream live.

Collaborative BYOD Learning

Share information in seconds on any display.

Access to information via personal devices is changing the way students connect with their educators. Mobile devices and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trends are transforming video, and lecture capture and into integral teaching tools.Our wireless presentation systems are tailored for teaching spaces, so both teachers and students can just walk up, connect, and share from your laptop or device in seconds.


Select your display and present with a simple click.


Native wireless mirroring for iOS, Chrome & Android.


Share MS Office documents and presentations directly from USB.

Remote Teaching

Expand your classroom and make it easy for students to access higher education remotely.

Using our audio or video conferencing solutions, your students can seamlessly connect to your teachers and learn from anywhere. We can help you pick the best video conferencing and/or audio conferencing system for your teaching and training spaces.

Audio conferencing.

Skype and SIP audio conferencing.

Video conferencing.

Teach students face-to-face and it will seem like they’re in the room with you.

Content collaboration.

Assist students by collaborating on documents with them in real time.

Specialised learning spaces.

Tailor your learning environment to the needs of your students with specialised teaching spaces.

From mock medical wards to mock court rooms, we can design and integrate the reliable and contemporary tailored technology solutions suitable for any education faculty and the needs of their students. Students can be trained in an environment similar to what they will experience in the workforce using the equipment. Teaching sessions can be recorded and replayed so students can learn from simulated teaching.


Record training mock simulations and playback to students.


Video stream from other spaces to further enhance the teaching simulations.


Collaborate and share with your students by using the latest interactive and collaborative devices.

Technology built for teaching environments

We partner with premium technology vendors to deliver robust collaboration solutions.

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Project gallery.

A quick look at some of the teaching spaces for higher education solutions we have deployed.

Complete solutions.

We work with you to design, deploy and support your teaching solutions.


  • Free on-site strategy.
  • Test drive solutions at our demo centre.
  • Manufacturer certified systems design.


  • Certified installation technicians.
  • Client portal access for projects.
  • Infocomm best practices.


  • Complete training packages.
  • Qualified service technicians.
  • User experience reporting.

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