Training Spaces

Solutions for effective and inviting training rooms.

Engage your audience

Share dynamic and worthwhile content in a comfortable and friendly training environment.

Business corporations and government agencies are increasingly turning some of their old meeting rooms into valuable and user-friendly training rooms. Creating the right environment for teams to train and learn has never been more important. We work with you to leverage technology solutions that allow your teams to learn more effectively.


Keep your audience engaged with dynamic content on screen.


Native wireless mirroring for iOS, Chrome & Android.


Share MS Office documents and presentations directly from USB.

Expand your training sessions

With joinable training rooms, you can have two session running at once, or one large training session.

Flexible training spaces are becoming more essential for large corporate and government institutions. Our clients have the ability to hold on-site training, with the flexibility to have multiple training sessions at once or one large training session for staff. Control of sessions is simple and intuitive with touch panels available in the rooms.


Select your display and your audio in the room and present with a simple click.


Present to small, mid, or large size groups in a flexible training environment


Control the presentation and training environment with a simple and intuitive control panel.

Present anywhere – without the cables.

Share information in seconds on any display.

Access to information via personal devices is changing the way trainers are sharing connecting and sharing their content.their educators. Our wireless presentation systems are tailored for informal training spaces so you can just walk up, connect, and share from your laptop or device in seconds. Because you don’t need to connect messy cables, we can help you turn any training room into a collaboration zone.


Select your display and present with a simple click.


Native wireless mirroring for iOS, Chrome & Android.


Share MS Office documents and presentations directly from USB.

Annotate and compare.

Let teams collate and compare work in real time with multi-display solutions.

Being able to visualise data from multiple devices and computers simultaneously can be the key to effective collaboration. For a lot of corporate training sessions, there are multiple presenters who both need to present content. We can build training spaces that lets you easily swap between users, without the hassle and lost time of reconnecting a shared cable.

Built for teams.

Everyone can connect and contribute.


Connectivity options for any laptop or device.

Instant startup.

Make the most of your training time.

Interactive engagement.

Drive creativity and ad-hoc collaboration in training sessions with interactive digital displays.

From digital whiteboarding to annotating PowerPoint & PDF and highlighting key learnings, our interactive display solutions let you interact naturally and seamlessly with digital content while instructing.


Interact naturally with digital content.


Write over any app or document.


Share your files, whiteboard or screen in real time.

Remote training

Leverage your rooms infrastructure for distance learning through audio and video conferencing.

Using our audio and video conferencing solutions, your teams can seamlessly connect to training rooms and see  digital content from anywhere in the world. Because we partner with all of the leading vendors, we can help you pick the best  system for your informal and formal training rooms.

Audio conferencing.

Skype and SIP audio conferencing.

Video conferencing.

Hold training sessions  face-to-face using video conferencing solutions.

Collaborate & Share.

Collaborate with and share documents with remote teams during training sessions.

Enterprise grade technology.

We partner with premium technology vendors to deliver robust collaboration solutions.

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Project gallery.

A quick look at some of the amazing training space solutions we have deployed.

Client feedback.

  • The organization has enjoyed a very smooth transition to a significantly more technologically advanced workspace, and clients/visitors are also profoundly impressed with the facility. I can’t thank Unified AV enough for their outstanding performance on this build. I couldn’t recommend them more highly...

    Meaghan Hughes Interactive Pty Ltd
  • I have found the team to be professional, helpful and continually show a dedicated approach to their work scopes. They continually demonstrated remarkable flexibility in their work practices and worked around constraints due to the operation of our workplace. 

    Matthew Turner Commonwealth Bank of Australia
  • Over the past 12 years Pro AV has delivered all of the AV installations for Charles Sturt University. I have always found Pro AV to be a reliable and professional operator with a high standard of customer service. The delivered system is always completed on time and to the agreed specification. I would not hesitate to recommend Pro AV for any and all Audio Visual and Video Conference installations.

    David Stormonth Charles Sturt University
  • (Pro AV Solutions) immediate grasp of core business objectives and sensitivities coupled with a very competitive pricing structure made this choice easy. Pro AV throughout the entire project have shown that this choice was correct. Flexibility, transparency and a responsive, friendly project team has meant that Pro AV is now involved in a number of additional projects across our metropolitan venues. This speaks directly to Pro AV’s management and execution of the upgrade at Rosehill.

    Ben Whatmore Australian Turf Club
  • [Pro AV Solutions] took extreme pains to train all staff on the AV equipment usage and provided comprehensive manuals and user guides.

    Matthew Turner Commonwealth Bank
  • The quality of service was extremely helpful. The team was friendly and provided any information when asked and came to help instantly when issues were occurring. I was very happy with the [Pro AV Solutions] team who made sure that everything was going according to schedule.

    John Bawalan Audio Visual & Video Conferencing Specialist, KPMG
  • Beaconhills College has partnered closely with Justin and the Melbourne team over the past 5 years as we continue to refresh our audio visual equipment in both our classrooms and other critical presentation spaces.
    Chris Downer Beaconhills College
  • I have found working with Justin Gleeson to be a very productive and enjoyable experience.  Justin is genuine in his efforts to find the best outcomes for all our stakeholders and to support our key objective of improving learning outcomes through technology.  Their collective skill set in AV technology combined with the ability to see things from the teacher’s perspective is the best I have seen.  Our teachers are more enthusiastic about using classroom technology and this rubs off on our students who are far more engaged in learning.
    Chris Downer Beaconhills College
  • The recent rollout of SMART 6065 touch panels has been very popular with our Early learning and Junior school staff.   The SMART certified training provided on site by them to our key teaching staff has been effective in supporting the overall uptake of this new technology. Mounting the SMART panels on height adjustable moveable trolleys has provided flexibility to our teaching staff to set up their classrooms as they wish and it has also given the administrators less headaches to relocate systems as we complete new building constructions.
    Chris Downer Beaconhills College
  • ProAV staff always conducted themselves professionally and were always willing to go above and beyond to assist with any issues and questions raised. They actioned things fast and made things happen.

    Vicki Bousoutis Insurance Australia Group (IAG)

Complete solutions.

We work with you to design, deploy and support your huddle space collaboration solutions.


  • Free on-site strategy.
  • Test drive solutions at our demo centre.
  • Manufacturer certified systems design.


  • Certified installation technicians.
  • Client portal access for projects.
  • Infocomm best practices.


  • Complete training packages.
  • Qualified service technicians.
  • User experience reporting.

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