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Greenstone approached Pro AV to complete the full AV deployment and provide support for five years for their new building in Sydney. As a large insurance company, Greenstone prides themselves on not just being an innovative company but being a great company to work at, and the aim was for the new building to reflect their core values. As it was a new build, the budgets for the AV technology were tight which is not uncommon. However, Greenstone didn’t want to have to make compromises that would negatively impact the user experience for their staff.

The project was set up for success from the beginning with a client side project manager leading the charge for the new build. Nigel Pollard from LinkedPM was there to guide the customer, consultant and all contractors value managing every aspect of the project. Working in collaboration with the industry-renowned consultant, Matt Loupis from Innova-Tech, the design met each and every need of the customer to a tee, and was still budget-friendly. For Pro AV this meant we were set up for success right from the beginning. Along with LinkedPM and Innova-Tech, Pro AV Solutions worked closely with our furniture partner Profile Systems who delivered the stunning furniture that fit perfectly into the aesthetics of the design, our lighting partner from Modular Lighting who provided the perfect balance for all rooms which is critical for conferencing, as well the LCS cabling team and JDV Projects to deliver an outstanding result for the customer.



AV as a Service

As it happens so frequently with new builds, the budget for the AV technology was really tight as a lot of the capital had already been to get the building in shape. The customer wanted to reduce the capital that they put upfront into this new build, but not compromise on the delivery of technology and the positive user experience a functioning and reliable system would bring. Through Pro AV and our finance partners, Greenstone were able to sign up for a five-year lease which included the full installation as well as a five-year comprehensive support program. What this has meant is that Greenstone were able to get their fully-fledged AV technology system that they pay as a monthly fee, that is fully supported and that met their original scope when it came to user experience.

The OPEX financial model enabled Pro AV to deliver what we needed to deliver within the budget and all to scope.

Support & Maintenance

Bundled into the lease was a five-year Service Level Agreement. For the customer, this means full coverage on the AV equipment and systems we deploy. As part of a comprehensive SLA, we have critical spares available so that if something critical does have a fault, we have a spare readily available and our quick same-day turnaround is initiated to immediately resolve any faults. For the first month during the go-live of the new building, Pro AV provided a go-live concierge who was on-site permanently to help train staff, show them how to use the new technology, troubleshoot any issues, and really help the team adopt to their new office space. This adoption period for Greenstone made the team feel so much more comfortable in their new environment as they knew help was only a phone call away and is the same for the next five years. The Greenstone site will also get preventative maintenance checks and performance reports to keep their high-demand rooms running reliably over the contract period.


Microsoft Teams Meeting Rooms

As a Microsoft Teams house, Greenstone wanted to make sure the user experience for their staff was positive when it came to the meeting rooms. By deploying Crestron Flex hardware that was tried and tested by our engineering team and known for its stability in the market, we were able to provide Greenstone with their perfect meeting rooms. The team at Greenstone can simply invite the meeting room to each meeting which books the room out, and then using the touch panel on the tables, select ‘Join’ and the whole room joins the Microsoft Teams meeting. Wireless connectivity is also available in the room so the staff can easily connect without all the cables scattered around the room. As the user experience was at the heart of this new build, quality audio was key. Using the market-leading Biamp Terisa audio system, our audio engineers were able to optimise the audio experience in each and every meeting space, even for the rooms with glass windows on both sides.

Team Culture

Team culture is evident from the minute you step into the Greenstone building. It was such a critical brief for all partners to bring this to life in the new building. For Pro AV, digital call boards powered by Exterity are the first thing you see on each floor and keep all the teams connected and engaged. The cafeteria is warm and welcoming and with Samsung digital signage, they can regularly update their menu easily. Up on the Terrace, you have a large LED display visible from all angles of the large open space, with pendulum speakers spread neatly throughout the area so the audio coverage is optimal. Finally, the gym that is available to all staff for their health and wellbeing is fit with display screens with IPTV, touch panels to adjust and change any audio as well as the pendulum speakers. People using the space can use the touch control panel to easily change the music or the station. There are also digital signage message boards in key areas of the building showcasing all the achievements of the Greenstone team and sharing their wins. By enabling technology in all of these unique spaces in the office, the Greenstone team are able to be fully engaged and united and is a great example of a positive “people first” working environment.



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