Case Study – ARUP.

Brisbane, Queensland.


International engineering firm Arup regularly pushes boundaries and challenges norms in a constant pursuit of technical excellence, working across every aspect of today’s construction environment.

The team at Arup was facing difficulties holding meetings in their Brisbane boardroom due to the age of their technology system, leading to frustration, low productivity, and inconsistent results in the last few years. The disadvantage of having an outdated system turned into an opportunity to seek a modern, seamless solution that thoroughly worked.

Having only had one other Microsoft Teams room deployed globally at that point in a different country, Arup was after an experienced Microsoft Teams Rooms partner that they could trust to get this room up and running and remove the risk of a poor experience for their end users.


“It’s quite rare these days to receive a scope as large as this boardroom for one single space. With our Microsoft Teams Rooms experience, we knew we would be the right partner for Arup and we would be able to design, integrate and deliver this incredible boardroom. Our team rose to the challenge and the feedback from the customer speaks for itself.”

– Michael Mead – Head of Design, Pro AV Solutions (QLD)


Pro AV Solutions was engaged to deploy a new and reliable system to create a flexible space where the team at Arup can collaborate and work efficiently without any difficulties. The design and strategy behind this project took almost a year to complete, whilst the systems integration took only three weeks to be finished. This was due to the proof of concept being conducted back in the UK by the global AV team, to make sure that the system was tested properly, and approved globally.

Traditionally, the team at Arup follows their standard designs for all of their meeting rooms globally. In this instance, however, this boardroom would need to have a unique multi-functional feature enabled so it could also be converted into a town hall mode for company-wide presentations. Pro AV was engaged to then design a bespoke solution specifically for this space.

Given the complexity of the room type and the need for flexibility, the design process focused on finding a solution that suits both spaces at a press of a button. These challenges were well addressed by our experienced team by deploying Microsoft Teams Rooms for flexibility, quality, and reliability.
As a premium Microsoft Teams certified product, Crestron Flex was rolled out in the space, providing a consistent Microsoft user experience from desktop to meeting room.
A high-quality commercial grade NEC 98” display was installed for bright, crystal-clear visuals, which complemented by a Panasonic Dual camera deliverers exceptional video quality. Premium Shure microphones were integrated into the boardroom for audio equity of all participants.
Additionally, we worked closely with the IT team to integrate a QSC DSP as a fully integrated solution patched into our customer’s network.



Despite all the challenges, our versatility allowed us to smoothly complete this project, deploying a solution that is easy and simple for all employees and provides a safe space that embodies everything Arup was aiming for within this versatile space.

The Pro AV team went over and above to get the right scope for Arup and then design, integrate and commission a complex multi-function boardroom powered by Microsoft Teams.

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