Case Study – CPA Australia

Sydney Office


CPA Australia wanted to initiate a similar standard across their offices and approached Pro AV Solutions to complete the Sydney office. The client was having technical issues when it came to communicating between their State offices. With different technology in other office spaces, staff were struggling to use the conferencing and the presentation technology.

In a quick and timely manner all while maintaining a common standard with the AV solutions, Pro AV were able to provide the client with an easy to use function space that for their staff and clients is the perfect user experience.


As part of the upgrade, Pro AV Solutions were refreshing the video conferencing boardroom, the large training space, and a collaborative meeting room along with the touch panels. The client from the first meeting made it very clear that they expected a standardised solution. Therefore the touch panels and their functionality had to reflect their other offices. Due to this, our team faced a big challenge in designing the space. The complexity that was required to make the training space and the boardroom both functional was already a hurdle, but with added request for the same touch panel design meant we had to completely customise the design just to meet the standard, which is usually the complete opposite when following a standard.

The boardroom is a traditional video conferencing boardroom with large display so all participants can clearly see and hear all conference calls. As it is often used as an informal meeting room as well, the space needed to be flexible, easy to use and quick to start. We faced an additional challenge in this room due to the shape and design of the ceiling but we were able to get the microphones picking up clean and clear audio in the entire space.

The large training spaces featured fully controllable projection and a microphone lectern for large training sessions. However, once again the space had to remain very flexible for smaller training sessions with the ability to isolate the projectors giving the presenter the option on which projector, along with full control of the audio from the lectern. The touch panel had to look and feel the same as the boardroom touch panel so staff would know exactly how to use the training rooms instantly.

We also refreshed the separate collaborative meeting room which features a Microsoft Surface Hub. With the Surface Hub in the new collaborative space, staff can work on multiple documents at once while on Skype calls as well as use the interactive whiteboard. This room makes it easy for staff to communicate and collaborate with their interstate colleagues.

The complex and detailed audio visual systems met the brief of the client in terms of the functionality of the space. What made this integration stand out was the meticulous planning and thought that went into the design so this complex system is simple to interact with and easy to operate all while following the standard that CPA offices around the country now follow.



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