Case Study – Charles Sturt University

Engineering Building, Bathurst Campus.


Charles Sturt University engaged Pro AV Solutions to design and implement several unique audio visual systems for their new Engineering Building on the Bathurst Campus. The building was designed to accommodate the university’s unique new degree, which equips students with both engineering and business skills. The design and integration of audio visual and collaborative technology was integral to this building and the learning environment.

The Engineering building incorporates the latest technology, encourages teamwork and provides facilities where students can physically build things. It includes a collaborative learning zone, maker studios, project spaces, workshops and a gallery, as well as a ‘pitch zone’ for fine-tuning entrepreneurial skills.


Pitch Zone

The Pitch Zone was designed for student and staff to present their work to others within the room and abroad via video conferencing. A custom fully wireless presentation display solution was designed to cater as a low profile unobtrusive visual aid when doing a presentation. The solution incorporated a 32” display in a custom mobile housing. An internal UPS powers the display and wireless HDMI receivers that can be sent any source from the Pitch Zone AV system and neighbouring Tech Wall.

Technology Wall

The technology wall in the Engineering foyer is the largest Planar Clarity Matrix video wall incorporated touch in the southern hemisphere. The 1.8 metre tall by 6.8 metre wide wall is made up of 18 x 46” Planar displays surrounded by a multi-touch interface. Controlled via an AMX 10” Touch Panel the users can select from a large number of inputs including a high resolution computer with special graphics cards allowing the wall to be used a one large desktop, laptops and others BYOD devices, Digital television and audio visual feeds from the neighbouring Pitch Zone. The wireless presentation display mentioned above can be wheeled into place as required and can receive wireless broadcasts from the technology wall sources.

Mobile Interactive Displays

The Engineering department required a fully flexibly 100% autonomous solution for their students to go anywhere within the facility to do their projects. With the assistance of InDesign Technology, we helped develop the finely tuned trolley solution based on the original MoCow.  Incorporating a 48” touch display the solution caters for connectivity via an always present micro PC with wireless keyboard and mouse, webcam and touch capability. Students can connect BYOD devices via HDMI and USB which allows the on board Web camera, keyboard and mouse, and touch to work on their devices as well. The trolley is equipped with UPS Batteries providing up to eight hours of cable free operation giving the users full access to roam inside and out of the facility. The systems shelf provides a tidy solution for all associated cabling. A simple 6 button keypad mounted within the shelf provides all the desired control.


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