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Samsung Smart School.


The high-tech Samsung SMARTSchool, Australia’s most technologically advanced teacher training facility, will support advanced teacher education and research from reception through to secondary school, with a focus on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The initiative is part of the development of the education precinct at Magill – home to one of the largest cohorts of teaching students in South Australia.

The facility is designed to be a flexible education space, which can be configured in a number of ways for specific teaching and learning experiences – it’s a way for people to work together in new ways.


The key requirement of this project, both in general and from an AV perspective, was to provide flexibility to end users; as such the AMX NMX video-over-ip platform was the obvious choice for the backbone of the system. This platform allows users to dynamically re-configure spaces to suit the requirements of the day simply by wheeling equipment to the locations required and patching in to the power and data connections provided.

The NMX platform allows equipment to be relocated without any patching or manual routing at the head-end, which allowed us to provide end users with the ease-of-use that they are familiar with, whilst providing them more flexibility than was previously possible with other solutions.

The AMX control platform was employed for this project as it partners seamlessly with the NMX platform as well as other equipment from the Samsung/Harman family that was used in this project. This allowed us to easily build custom user interfaces that provided complete flexibility whilst remaining simple to use.

Important to note; This project is one of the University’s first UHD-over-IP content distribution deployments.



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