Case Study – Adelaide Hills Council (AHC)

Council Chamber Room


Adelaide Hills Council (AHC) was seeking to install a reliable Wireless Public Address System for its Council Chamber Room, aiming to improve the experience for participants and people who are deaf and hard of hearing. The client’s requirements were for a high quality, complete working and fully tested Conferencing System by a firm deadline – a month. 

Our client’s tight deadline required a higher level of planning, consultation, project management, quality of installation and delivery from our end, in a very challenging time frame. Our Adelaide team did an outstanding  job and worked tirelessly to delivery yet another great project.



Based on the key objective for this project which was having a provision of a hearing loop system for people who are deaf and hard of hearing, the solution had to include wireless microphone options, amplification of meeting proceedings for participants, as well as a public gallery.

Focusing on these goals, the project revolved around the new system allowing for the meeting room configuration to be changed and suit the type of meeting held.

The client now benefits from a Televic Confidea G3system that can be up and running seamlessly and quickly, from installation to use. The Televic Confidea also allows to experience a reliable meeting without any interferences or interruptions, as well as controlling the meeting with a Next-in-line and Priority button. 

One of the other key benefits of choosing Televic was the convenience of having a system that can be controlled by centralised location in or outside the delegate area. A key element to the overall solution was the increased AV capabilities within all spaces to hold effective and productive meetings, while having a basic discussion with outstanding sound from integrated speakers.

Williams Sound Hearing Loop System was used throughout the room for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.
By identifying the key requirements at the beginning, we ensured that our client’s expectations were met and the project was delivered on time.




“Adelaide Hills Council came to Pro AV solutions looking to upgrade our Council Chambers audio conferencing system. This included installing a complete Confidea G3 audio conferencing system with hearing loop, JBL wall mounted speakers and AMX 7” touch panel. ProAV solutions were very capable of handling the installation and had many experts on hand to facilitated a stress free cutover. They approached this project with great communication and professionalism which allowed for a smooth transition to the new equipment. “

Nigel Scholz, Project Coordinator Business Analyst from Adelaide Hills Council

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