Case Study – St Rita’s College

Trinity Centre


St Rita’s College is one of the leading secondary schools in Brisbane, encompassing first-class academic and vocational pathways to tertiary study and/or employment for its students. St Rita’s goal was to open a new innovative learning precinct, the Trinity Centre, to resource the learning, performance, examinations, speaker programs, student social interaction, and College-wide functions and events. Pro AV Solutions were selected to provide a design and construct value-engineered approach to enhance the AV packages selected for the building and assist the College in adopting a new software-defined control approach which would extend itself to existing room upgrades and new works where required without additional hardware costs.

The project was a bespoke building design that revolved around teaching the arts, so the solution not only needed to be innovative but agile and reliable. The rooms were carefully designed with acoustic treatments, natural light and breeze, and modular furniture to provide more flexible teaching approaches. Our overall aim was to provide a new platform of audiovisual solutions that were well supported, utilised structured networks for content delivery, and featured smarter software-defined control to allow more building control elements, now available to user controls.



The Trinity Centre provides exceptional learning spaces for a range of vocational subjects and is home to the performing arts and film, television, and new media programs. The 400-seat auditorium, equipped with the latest in audio-visual technology, offers the students a state-of-the-art venue for drama, musical theatre, ensemble, band and solo performance as well as guest speakers and lecturers, and staff and student meetings. The large and small musical instruction rooms are welcomed by the College’s music individual teaching and ensemble staff.

The integrated technology seamlessly connects the space to provide a very simple, clean user interface for all teaching and presentation spaces. As a software-defined control system, the new system provides excellent flexibility to expand or reduce control functionality easily. Expanding the capacity of the school assemblies, there is also the ability for IP video delivery to expand and overflow from other assembly areas to the new Trinity Hall.

Trinity Hall was a challenge between functionality and form. Whilst the architects removed several lighting bar locations it was evident the College needed additional lighting bars for correct drama and presentation lighting. This was achieved post-project completion with very careful removal of the feature ceiling and installing the additional 2 x 6 metre light bars behind the stage area bulkhead and the side columns for vertical lighting bars to allow side fill.

Working closely with the customer Pro AV brought in a production lighting specialist and provided modeling to give everyone confidence the additions would solve the lighting deficiencies. User training on the lighting system was also provided once all upgrades were complete.

Digital signage was integrated throughout the Centre with a mix of Samsung displays for wayfinding, video walls and general signage in the foyer, entry and pantry.

Quality audio was a must for the new Trinity Centre and had to be designed and integrated perfectly to suit the acoustics of the spaces. A mix of Bose Edgemax and Bose steerable line array speakers deliver crystal clear audio in the auditorium for any performance.

The building management system was to be the master control override for the automated large louvres on the southern side of the building however, the client preferred to allow override of the automated BMS control so we connected to the BMS over the client network and provided louvre control on the classroom touch panels. Utilising Utelogy control system with monitoring provision, the same approach was applied for the general lighting control.



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