Case Study – 1 William Street

The Tower of Power


1 William Street is the Queensland “Tower of Power” consolidating 19 government agencies and departments in the one location. The Premier & Cabinet, Ministers, Chief of staff and International dignitaries now reside in the 42-level towering landmark.

Currently the highest commercial building in Brisbane with a gross floor area of 119,977 sqm, it accommodates 5000 government public servants.

The “Tower of Power” features the latest collaborative technology creating a flexible and friendly workspace for the QLD Government and their staff.

As part of the initial and ongoing project, ICT, AV and Services were wrapped up and presented as a service which would be consumed over a five-year period via a catalogue solution. Partnering with Dimension Data Australia, Pro AV Solutions presented nine integrated meeting room types incorporating collaboration and VC capabilities for the initial +350 meeting spaces with more to follow.

Since the completion of the initial fit-out, various agencies within the Tower now have the opportunity to order from the catalogue as and when required.


The building boasts over 500 standard meeting spaces with bespoke solutions for media applications and the Premiers executive boardroom.

The aim of the client was to foster a change of culture for government departments and its workforce to attract new talent and reach new levels of innovation.

Focusing on this end goal, the project revolved around the user experience and the role technology would play in this new work environment. The innovative and agile workplaces we delivered are ideal for the collaborative and connective environment the QLD government are striving for.

A full-height atrium in the Tower enables a non-hierarchical, inclusive work space. Connectivity on and between floors was a key driver, with a variety of workspaces delivering a mix of individual and team-based activities. A set standardisation was applied to many the spaces to maximise efficiency and support. With wireless collaboration in all spaces, the Tower is BYOD enabled giving the staff complete flexibility.

Given the mix of room types and the need for flexibility in the workplace,the challenge was developing a solution that was innovative yet simple to use. To top it off, the provision of advanced catalogue solutions available to the client over the next five years showcases the state of the art design and deployment the client required.

The technology complements the 1WS modern workspace to support and improve information sharing, stakeholder engagement, collaboration and productivity. The technologies implemented are scalable and support ‘anywhere, anytime, any device network connectivity’ to help staff collaborate and be more productive.

With wireless presentation and collaboration solutions,the client can view,edit and comment on documents in real time, share files and chat with individuals or groups via any device. This technology enables a face-to-face experience for meetings which facilitates staff and guests’ real-time information sharing and collaborative working.


As the first deployment in Australia, the AMX Resource Management Suit (RMS) implementation has intelligent code forwarding for replaced hardware without human intervention. This includes the monitoring of site wide automatic/scheduled firmware updates, power consumption, energy utilisation, asset registering & tagging.

The room booking technology has enabled staff to manage bookable spaces from their desktop, via a room panel or over the web. AMX room booking panels are accessible outside each meeting room, with an easy to use intuitive interface. This has added to the agility and productivity of the workplace

As a compelling new workspace, the design and integration revolved heavily around user experience. A customer focused experience rating is given at the end of every meeting via the touch panel – the user selects 1-5 based on their experience. This is closely monitored to know whether there were any technical issues.

The managed services support was also customised to suit the clients requirements for onsite help desks and concierge on strategic levels of the building.

This innovative and agile workspace is ideal for the collaborative and connective environment the Queensland Government are striving for.



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