The New World in Class Collaboration

The modern education institutions would have been a thing of fantasies 20 years ago: we’ve gone from static whiteboards to Internet-connected “interactive” boards and from sitting at desks watching teachers present to collaborative workstations — all while pairing wirelessly with our personal devices.

Globally, institutions are on hunt for the modern-day teaching solution that allow students to collaborate and work together as groups, using tools that make learning exciting and interactive. Microsoft’s Surface Hub is set to be the change we have all been waiting for and will become an essential item in almost every collaborative teaching and learning space.

The market has pushed collaboration tools like interactive whiteboards and projectors for years, using a variety of different technologies. They have been adopted by a lot of education institutions, but they have their limitations.

The Microsoft Surface Hub set a new standard in interactive collaboration tools, that overcomes the limitations of today’s teaching and meeting spaces. Aimed at teams that want to work together more productively and feel empowered by the technology they are using, the Hub seamlessly connects with personal devices so all users can simply present and collaborate in real time. Sessions can instantly include the Skype for Business experience, where anyone from anywhere and any device can join and be part of the team.

The Surface Hub is incredibly user friendly, and makes for a positive user experience. When you write on the Hub, it feels just like writing on a non-digital surface, with little to no latency between the movement of the stylus and the virtual “ink” appearing on the display. You can also erase your markings using the other end of the stylus, or you can tap an icon for a digital eraser, and rub your finger over the display.

It is an impressive piece of hardware that is intuitive and predictable, with a magnificent bright screen and responsive, smooth touch like you have never seen before on any interactive device from the past.

The Surface Hubs Skype for Business experience is integrated directly into the product. You can pull up your contacts using Skype and they appear on the left-hand side of the screen. When in a call, your contact can see you too, through the in-built cameras and you can share whatever you are working on right there and then.

Following the announcement of the Microsoft Studio only a matter of weeks ago, and the new Windows 3D, Microsoft are firmly positioned in providing tools for the collaboration, teaching and meeting room experience of the future. And when all supported under the Windows platform it will integrate seamlessly with the technology ecosystem of most institutions.

A true collaborative power house

Although fresh to market, the Surface Hub is already making waves. It truly is a collaborative power house and will make it easier for institutions around the world to connect and collaborate. It will change the way we learn, the way we work, the way we create and the way we communicate. Additionally, with exciting announcement of the new Microsoft Studio along with Windows 3D, we see Microsoft’s collaboration tools becoming part of everyday life in our teaching & learning environments.

Pro AV Solutions are an authorised reseller of the Surface Hub, and the only Microsoft AV integration partner for this product in Australia.

You must see this to believe it, so please contact us today for a demonstration, or if you want any further information and/or a quotation for a new Surface Hub.

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