The workplace of our future

The workplace of our future –
Pro AV Solutions Sydney office relocation

The Pro AV Solutions Sydney office has relocated to a new activity based, co-working environment in Frenchs Forest. Having been located in Brookvale for well over 15 years, it was time for a refresh and to bring all the Sydney team under one roof.

“The vision behind our new office was to create a home. I looked up from my chair, in my “BOX …room” one day in Brookvale and thought “I haven’t spoken to or seen some people in weeks and yet they are across the driveway”, said Anthony Jeffcoat, Managing Director of Pro AV Solutions (NSW). “We had activity based working forced upon us when we first started growing rapidly in 1997. We had 15+ people in one area. I thought we haven’t been as connected and efficient with communicating since … So I wanted to bring us all back under one roof, open plan. Back to the future!”

The plans commenced in 2018 in partnership with Profile Systems, Sydney’s elite bespoke furniture suppliers. After jointly opening a showroom in 2017, Pro AV Solutions and Profile Systems decided the best way forward would be to unite their teams in Frenchs Forest so they can communicate and collaborate more openly.

“I wanted to create an environment whereby people are comfortable to chat, communicate and collaborate. Humans are social animals and are meant to be connected in this way. That’s how families build strong ties, understand and live by communal values. Our culture and values at the end of the day are what our clients and customers experience when we serve them.”  Anthony Jeffcoat, Pro AV Solutions (NSW)

In early November 2019, the Pro AV Solutions and Profile Systems team officially moved in. Spending a weekend doing the final fit and relocation, the teams pulled together and made this huge change to our working environment a smooth transition. The Sydney team are more energised, engaged and collaborative than we have ever been and are already looking forward to starting the new working year from their wonderful new workplace.

“Workspace environments are changing for our clients and the way we connect, interact and communicate plays a very big part of that. It is my philosophy that the workplace is one key attribute in developing a culture that ensures ‘our people’ develop strength in relationships, brand and awareness of business values. So after 20 years of friendship and a witness to how Pro AV Solutions have evolved over time; it was an absolute pleasure to be asked to bring together a team of professionals who could bring the Leadership teams aspirations to reality” – Nigel Pollard,  Linked PM


“For us the decision was quite easy. After working with Pro AV Solutions at our showroom in Surry Hills it made sense to align our teams and strengthen our partnership by bringing our teams together in a working environment. The Profile Systems team are really excited about working with new people and in a well-designed and welcoming space.” – Jason Juba, Profile Systems

A huge thank you to those who made this new workplace a reality:

  • Nigel Pollard and the team from Linked PM – the glue that pulled all of this together for us
  • Alyson Freeman of MMG – thank you for finding a space ‘filled with natural light’ within an ideal space and for representing PAVS as their tenant advocate
  • Susie Bryden & the Team from IA Design are to be congratulated for the development of the workplace objectives and designing an inspiration hub; as is Jason Devos & the Team from JDV projects
  • Chris Wilson & Team from Willowtree Planning for planning advice to not delay the program set by the PM – legends
  • Anthony Ljubicic & Team from Steve Watson and Partners for ensuring PAVS is compliant and fit for occupancy – always deliver
  • Michael Mullins from QS1 for initial cost management – this set the framework to ensure delivery was possible
  • Jason Devos & Team  from JDV Projects for the value management & construction delivery – it was a great experience from award to completion – thank you.