Occupancy Monitoring 

Optimising Office Spaces.

Addressing your office needs.

Efficiency and Flexibility.

Office space is one of your business’ largest investments, usually the most difficult to manage due to greater mobility and remote employment opportunities, which leads to business having a difficult time identifying wasted space and gauging the efficacy of space utilization.

With the evolving approach of flexible and agile team-based work, corporations are aware that the traditional workplace is far from addressing their needs. This means that companies must optimise office space and require technology that will provide greater flexibility to choose where, when and how to work.

Many companies have started to make the shift to activity-based working and are well on the way to a digital workplace, but are still unsure if they have the right types of meeting spaces for their office and workforce. Are they making the most out of their meeting rooms? How do you measure their usage? Can you increase usage somehow all while reducing peoples frustrations?

Finding answers to these questions will give you valuable insights on how well your meeting rooms are performing, so you can use this information to evaluate and improve their usage.

Key Metrics.

Monitoring your room usage.

There is a number of key metrics you can monitor to measure meeting rooms usage including how often they’re booked, for how long, which meeting rooms are used the most, average bookings per day, week or month, peak or quiet hours, among others.

Space Occupancy and Space Utilization are two crucial metrics to maximize your workspace performance, providing the necessary data about who, how and when space is being occupied and utilized, and you can’t accurately obtain one metric without the other. these two key metrics provides facility management teams with an objective and realistic view of how buildings and workspaces are utilised. Using this data will change your business behaviour and shift conversations from ‘how many desks do you need’ to ‘how can you use your space more productively’.

Monitoring Benefits.

Why you need to monitor each space.

Point Grab.

Point Grab is a cost-effective and non-intrusive sensing solution that reduces operational costs, enhances productivity and assists in improving occupant’s well-being in the workplace. They provide the most advanced facility management sensing solution for workspace optimisation in commercial real estate. Pro AV Solutions is the Australia reseller of Point Grab and can assist in getting you the data you need for real time or even before a new fit out/move.

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