Microsoft Teams Rooms

Quick Reference Guide


Microsoft Teams Rooms allow you to conduct meetings that bridge the gap between workspaces so you can collaborate both over Microsoft Teams and within the room.

Topics covered in this quick reference guide to using Microsoft Teams Rooms:

Home Screen

This is the main screen the MTR will display while not in use. From here you can access many of the room’s features.

  1. Join a Scheduled Meeting
  2. Start a Meeting
  3. Make a Call
  4. Share content
  5. Join with a Meeting ID
  6. Invite this room into a Meeting
  7. More Options

Join a Scheduled Meeting from the Touch Panel

When meetings are scheduled for the room, they will be listed on the home screen.

To join your scheduled meeting simply tap the join button.

You can also join the meeting whilst in the room from your laptop or mobile phone if you want to present or access meeting chat.


Start a new Ad-Hoc Meeting

When you want to use the system for a new, unscheduled meeting, the “Meet” button allows you to create a new Teams meeting from the MTR system and invite people to it by searching a name or number in the text field.


Make a Call

If your organisation has telephony set up for the meeting room, pressing the “Call” button will bring up a dial pad.

Simply dial the number and press “Call”.

You can also dial in participants to a meeting once it is in progress.


Sharing Content

You can easily share content to the display whether you are in a meeting or not.

Simply press the “Share” button and select how you want to share the content. 

You can also dial in participants to a meeting once it is in progress.

Note – if you see a coloured frame around your content, it is being shared to remote participants.


Join with Meeting ID

Every teams Meeting has a unique 12-digit ID.

Another way to join a meeting from the room is to add the meeting ID.

You will find the meeting ID and passcode in your Outlook Calendar invite.


Invite and join the Room to a Meeting

If you have a meeting set up in your calendar, or on your device, but the room hasn’t been invited already, you can add the room from your laptop or mobile device.


More Options

If you press the “More” button a new page will open which lets you restart the device, access settings and report a fault.

If you need to request support you can also submit a ticket with our AVCare team or dial 1300 AV CARE for assistance.

Joining your Device to the Meeting

You might also want to join the meeting from your device to share content or view people on your device whilst content is on the room display.

When you join from your own device you can select don’t use audio to join the meeting muted and with sound off.

You can also select room audio to use the meeting room audio.

Make sure your device is completely muted to avoid generating feedback.

Meeting Controls

CHere’s a quick overview of the controls available when you are in a meeting.

  1. View Options
  2. Raise your hand
  3. Reactions
  4. Options
  5. Volume control
  6. Camera on/off
  7. Mute on/off
  8. Share content
  9. End call
  10. View menu
  11. Invite someone
  12. Participants (tap to manage)
  13. Manage Participants


Changing the Layout

You can select from multiple layouts in your meeting.

The available layouts will be selectable depending on your room’s licensing, display format, number of attendees and whether content is being presented.

You can also switch on meeting chat to see messages on the display.

Contact Support.

Need some more help or want to discuss a training & support plan? Contact our AVCare team below.


AVCare Team – 1300 282 273