Key takeaways from Integrated Systems Europe 2024

Last month, Pro AV Solutions participated in the Integrated Systems Europe [ISE] conference, the world’s largest commercial AV exhibition, in Barcelona, Spain.

Celebrating its 20th year in 2024, the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) conference and exhibition was a record-breaker in many aspects this year. With over 70,000 unique attendees [up nearly 30% from last year], the show’s success clearly demonstrates the continued ascendance of audio-visual and collaboration technologies as critical to organisations’ success and competitive advantage across all verticals.

ISE is renowned as a centre of innovation for the industry, showcasing the latest technology advancements, both from the most prominent brands and emerging niche technology innovators.

Each year, we send some of our leading technical experts, pre-sales engineers and solutions architects to take a deep dive into the innovation and development occurring across the industry to solve the challenges our customers face today.

During the week of ISE, our global business GPA also hosts a conference where several hundred of our 2000+ staff convene to leverage the combined expertise of our regional business units from over 25 countries and the innovation occurring in each.

Participation in ISE and the GPA Global Summit ensures our teams are leading the way in terms of the technology solutions we utilise to solve customer problems and best practices and operational innovations that help us provide unparalleled design, deployment, and support experience for our customers.

This year, we asked our team to report on their experience and provide some insights across critical themes and trends from the show. Here are the top 3 highlights –

1. The Rise of Transparent Displays: A Visual Evolution

Among the most impactful technological developments this year, transparent touch OLED displays were the lead showcase technology for several display manufacturers. While we’ve seen iterations of this tech in recent years, we saw much improved clarity and interactive capabilities this year. Prominently featured on LG’s stand and several other manufacturers, these displays set a new standard for the ‘wow factor’ in retail, hospitality, and exhibition spaces.

Their ability to command attention with dynamic, vivid visuals marks a significant leap from traditional displays, creating an engaging experience for different applications, including retail stores, window displays, events, exhibitions, architectural curtain walls, facades, commercial hospitality design, outdoor lighting, space design, signage advertising, to maximise the value of the space.

The Samsung Transparent MICRO LED display was a crowd-pleaser, offering a glimpse into a future where digital and physical realms seamlessly converge.

Panasonic‘s advancements in projection technology and transparent film LEDs continue to drive innovation in display solutions, emphasising maintenance-free and immersive visual experiences.

2. Workplace Collaboration and Management

ISE 2024 was also the stage to showcase one of the latest solutions launched by Barco and their Clickshare solutions. With the introduction of the ClickShare Bar, Barco offers a future-proof solution to modernise offices with video-first meeting spaces that fully cater to the needs of hybrid working. The all-in-one device augments the ClickShare experience with advanced stereo audio and video capabilities. With only one device needed to equip an entire meeting room alongside a display, the deployment is significantly simplified, and the installation cost is reduced.

Photo Credits: Barco

At the same time, Humly showcased its Appspace integration for the first time. This integration allows seamless room and desk booking, combining Humly’s hardware solutions with Appspace’s software for a modern business environment. The real-time data provided by Huddly’s sensors helps employees find available desks easily, enhancing flexibility and efficiency, office layout, resource allocation, and future workplace strategy.

Photo credits: Humly

3. Embracing sustainability in tech

Sustainability emerged as a key theme, with industry leaders prioritising eco-friendly manufacturing processes and product lifecycle management. Innovations like e-ink displays, like Samsung’s, exemplify this shift. These low-power, large-format displays could revolutionise how we think about digital signage, from bus stop timetables to informational displays, marrying convenience with environmental consciousness.

Moreover, Sony‘s commercial displays set a new standard for energy-efficient technology by using Eco Dashboard to better understand power consumption based on settings configuration.

Logitech is also progressively incorporating Next Life plastics throughout its product lineup, utilising post-consumer recycled plastics from electronics that could have ended up in landfills otherwise.

ISE 2024 was not just a showcase of the latest gadgets but a window into the future of technology, marked by sustainability, immersive experiences, and visual innovation. From transparent displays that merge the digital with the physical to sustainable tech that paves the way for a greener future, the event was a testament to the industry’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. As we reflect on these advancements, it’s clear that the future of technology is not just about what it can do but how it can do it sustainably and impactfully.

Photo credits: ISE 2024