InAVate APAC Award Winners – Locomotive

Pro AV Solutions wins the Visitor Attraction InAVate APAC Award for Locomotive

Pro AV Solutions is proud to announce that we have won the Visitor Attraction Award for Locomotive at the InAVate APAC Awards Gala, held in Singapore.

We had Amit Palekar from ESCO, our GPA Singapore team, accept the award on behalf of Pro AV.


Locomotive Workshop – South Eveleigh

The Locomotive Workshop in Sydney’s South Eveleigh was scoped before COVID and the intention was to create a unique and thought-provoking, educational hub for the local community. Intertwined with restaurants, cafes, a supermarket, gym and business offices, the vision for the Locomotive Workshop was to stitch these facilities together in an immersive journey for all patrons.

There was nothing standard about this project. From the beginning it was a bespoke design and a custom solution with many ‘firsts’ for both the customer and for Pro AV. The site consists of five different locations that required an audio visual solution to showcase and digitally preserve the story of the heritage of each of these locations. Pro AV Solutions were engaged to design and construct the full delivery of the AV solution.

From the very beginning we knew we had the right team to deliver this amazing project. With the right people in our team who were innovative, open-minded, passionate and willing to find a solution to meet the vision, we were able to design a great solution and build an achievable project plan to execute on budget. Our team were constantly pushing the limits and thinking out of the box to come up with a different approach to constraints that we haven’t faced before.

The ideas provided to us as the original scope were a few lines on a bit of paper. But as a whole they captured the vision of Buchan and Curio for the revitalisation of this historic space. The overall concept was to create an immersive experience for visitors, grabbing their attention and encouraging them to find out more about the history of the Locomotive workshop as well as digitally bring to life some of the existing machinery.

We faced a multitude of challenges throughout this project from the very beginning. Being a fully bespoke delivery, all fittings and fixtures were custom designed. Following on from that, the solution itself, was a one-off custom design and delivery. Although we are experienced with this type of installation, the bespoke nature always introduces an extra challenge for our engineering and installation team to get the best result.

Given this is also a historic site, the heritage considerations were a huge challenge for us from design through to delivery. A lot of the time we had to think outside the box and develop completely new solutions in order to get the approvals needed to proceed on site. However this was a huge achievement for the team and pushed us to work even harder to get the right solution for the site.

An additional challenge was the lengthy timeline for project overall. When we started this project, not all the tenancies were in place. This led to additional challenges as planning for this project had to take into consideration the tenancies as they were locked in.

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