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Improve efficiency and productivity with cutting-edge technology.

Crestron® Electronics is a market-leading workplace collaboration solution that focuses on
Wireless Presentation, Room Scheduling and Whiteboard Capture, among others.

As simple as starting your meeting with a one-touch, Crestron makes any day-to-day tasks easier,
improving efficiency and productivity through their automation solutions range.

Pro AV Solutions is an accredited partner of Crestron®, providing workplace collaboration solutions to suit your needs.

Intelligent room booking and management

All the benefits of an enterprise booking system with native integration for meeting room technology.

Not only can you instantly find and book rooms, with a Crestron solution you can fully automate your meetings. Using presence detection or manual check-in, you can ensure that lighting is set, displays are on and ready to go by the time you sit down at the table.

Crestron Control Systems

Entirely custom-programmable to achieve the exact functionality required.

Crestron Control Systems unique distributed architecture unify technologies in any building, so they can communicate and work together intelligently enabling Scalable control for any space.

Code is intelligently organise into a few smaller programs, making programming, troubleshooting and uploading much faster and easier.

From individual rooms with our MPC3 and RMC3 units, to floors or complex rooms with a PRO3 or CP3N, up to our Crestron Virtual Control platform for entire campuses or buildings, Crestron has the solution for you.


DigitalMedia NVX Series

Creston DM NVX Series is the all-in-one secure solution that delivers exceptional standard for network AV.

Point-to-Point, All-in-One, and Standalone HDBaseT® systems, all engineered together on your preferred platform. Combined with DM NVX Director network, the Crestron NVX Series allows to configure, manage and control DM NVX endpoint. Device-discovery, domain configuration or status monitoring are only a few featured tools from the native software.

Crestron Mercury

Regardless of the size of your business, Crestron Mercury is the all-in-one solution, providing the necessary tools for conferencing and collaboration in one console.

Mercury is easy to manage and deploy, allowing you to securely connect to the network for cloud-based provisioning and management. It features full open SIP conference phone, room scheduling and one-touch joins, Bluetooth®, high visibility mute indicator, support for any web collaboration application, built-in AirMedia® for wireless presentation, high microphone and speaker quality, enterprise provisioning & management, onscreen room availability and meeting details and built-in occupancy sensor for usage data and automation.
Pairing it Mercury with the software-based Crestron Zoom Rooms, will provide an excellent AV presentation, room scheduling and control.


Present from anywhere with AirMedia. Its wireless presentation technology not only enables collaboration in meeting rooms but in any flexible space, so there is no need of wires or even a table.

AirMedia gives you the flexibility to stand, sit or simply move around the space you are in. Its intuitive user experience from the network-deployed app, guest app or native device app, allows you to start presenting easily.

Crestron Fusion®

The monitoring and scheduling software solution

Crestron Fusion collects all the indispensable tools to provide your team with an easy-to-use monitoring and scheduling software, including remote help desk and global device monitoring.

Crestron Zūm

Manage lighting in any space.

Seamlessly setup Zūm with a tap of the dimmer or keypad to deploy a simple wireless lighting control system in your meeting spaces. Easy to design, setup and manage, Zūm is the one solution to one meeting space, or several.

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