Velocity all started simply with a question – could we keep pace with the speed of the progressive enterprise organizations we aim to serve?  Could we support a customer to move from identification of a need for improved collaboration, to effective deployment of 1000 or more rooms across the globe in 90 days?  Even within the GPA with all our global advantages and footprint, we felt this was impossible using a traditional AV/UC market approach.  So we clearly needed to think differently!

We knew we needed to start with our 4 S’s (Simplification, Standardization, Scale, and Speed).  But everyone these days has “standardized” room solutions, and that hasn’t solved the problem or the frustrations in the market.

So what makes Velocity different?

The answer is perspective, and the foundational shift that brings to design when the goalposts of how success will be measured are broadened to encompass the entire process.  Far more than just a bill of materials, Velocity extends the standardization principle to a ready to deploy, global enterprise collaboration technology and lifecycle management strategy.

While Velocity is built upon delivering standardized collaboration technology solutions, core to its premise is removing the barriers that slow us down. Removing barriers allows us to re-think the concepts we measure success upon, and ultimately to provide the same innovation and disruption within our industry for our customers as they are seeking to achieve themselves.  It removes the “Space” based room infrastructure dependencies and deployment risks that slow us down.  It removes the focus on “speeds and feeds” that distract us understanding user needs and workflows.  And it focuses on the ability to measure the collaborative culture and modern workplace outcomes that enterprise CEO’s are seeking to improve.

Velocity has officially launched with nine standardized solution designs, supporting the four key collaboration workflow platforms that power the majority of our enterprise customer base:  Microsoft, Cisco, Google, and Zoom. These initial solutions are flexible, innovative, and have been built based upon deep collaboration and alignment with industry leaders including Crestron, Logitech, Cisco, LG, Samsung, NEC, and Legrand AV.  But our efforts won’t stop there.  Velocity is a concept, a platform for innovation and outcomes.  Leveraging the GPA’s global diversity and perspective, it will be the foundation to our ongoing pursuit of better, different, and evolved solutions and services to deliver, manage, and measure the collaborative outcomes our customers are searching for.

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