Case Study – Hahndorf Accommodation Group

Boutique Conferencing and Events


The Hahndorf Accommodation Group is a collection of boutique accommodation venues with world-class dining options. The Hahndorf Accommodation Group required a multipurpose extension of the existing restaurant to allow for increased dining space, as well as bigger and better conferencing facilities.

The new multipurpose space is comprised of one large indoor area and an outdoor deck, with the intention of the indoor facilities operating as either one large space or two with an operable wall. This required a technology solution that is capable of operating

independently as individual zones, or in ‘joint mode’ where all products integrate seamlessly.

The intention is for this space to be hireable to the public, so a great level of importance has been placed on the system’s ease-of-use and versatility to suit each client’s individual requirements. As an opening date had already been established, we had a strict and relatively short timeline to adhere to. Furthermore, we had to ensure the solution designed would allow for integration to their existing spaces, as well as expandability to potential new areas in the future.



The client expressed that whilst they had initially spoken to another Audio Visual Technology integrator, the importance of this space offering a comprehensive and future-proof conferencing solution was paramount and thus Pro AV Solutions were approached for guidance.

The client now benefits from two new indoor conferencing spaces for medium sized conferences, with the provision to group these spaces to form one large sized conference space. Each of the conferencing solutions installed allow for a user’s content to be displayed on a 4k resolution 85” LCD, with camera and discreet ceiling microphones for video

conferencing and in-ceiling speakers for clear and even audio distribution. The user can also present from wherever they please thanks to a wireless lectern solution. In joint mode, these 4k displays mirror what is displayed on the space’s main display; a 4k resolution laser projector at the room’s south.

A site-wide, zone-able background music system was also integrated and is controlled via a tablet which can freely roam across their premises making it easier for the client to control the full audio system  There is now also the ability for live musicians to connect locally in several of the spaces, and then distribute the audio easily through all connected rooms, sitewide.



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