Case Study – Rosehill Racecourse

IPTV and DSP system upgrade.


Rosehill Gardens, run by the Australian Turf Club, required a large video upgrade throughout the venue along with a refresh of the existing audio system. Through a Design & Construct tender, The Australian Turf Club requested an IPTV solution to encode their existing inputs, add in additional inputs and broadcast all of them through the venue.

In a live broadcasting environment with over 700 screens in the venue, reliability was one of the contributing factors. The low latency of the IPTV system was also very important to the client as when the horse crosses the line, the vision that the punters are watching needed to be instantaneous.


Working with the client it was agreed that Exterity was the most reliable solution for Rosehill Racecourse for the IPTV system. Pro AV integrated an Exterity box was placed behind every display panel in the building. This was alongside upgrading most of the display screens, which with over 700 screens was a large roll out.

While the video system was the main portion of the project, the refresh also included an upgrade to the existing audio system. Pro AV designed a network audio system to go throughout the building. The client’s existing DSP audio system was over 10 years old and the concern was that if we unplugged or changed it, it could potentially glitch or shut down. To replace it, we designed a Q-SYS networked DSP system. With 96 different channels for audio throughout the building, routing 132 zones the Q-SYS DSP system is not just reliable but fully flexible, so the client can configure it any way they like.

Control of the video and audio system by the client needed to be simple and portable. To make it easy to use and dynamic we installed a AMX 700 NI controller paired with an iPad which runs on the clients network. We then programmed in graphics of all the floor plans so the client can walk around the building, touch the section of the floor plan they are in and simply select the audio.

In addition to the IPTV and DSP upgrades, the solution also included the refresh of 12 private suites for punters. Each of the suites has three screens running the Exterity feed, with AMX controllers in each one so users can control the channels.



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