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Our customer’s new offices at South Eveleigh will occupy 93,000m2 across the three new buildings for their 10,000 employees, housing their technology and digital teams, and Innovation Labs of the Future. Delivering a pre-eminent state-of-the-art work, innovation, and lifestyle destination for both workers and the local community was central to the revitalisation of South Eveleigh. As part of the brief, Pro AV Solutions was commissioned to introduce new age workspace technologies that allowed for simple operation resulting in an exceptional user experience. The solutions had to not only be designed to fit within the agile working culture of the bank, they also needed to be scalable enough to meet the standards of the bank’s future expansion plans.

The aim of the bank was to create an intuitive and pleasant user experience while reaching new levels of innovation. Focusing on this end goal, the project revolved around the user experience and the role technology would play in this new work environment. The innovative and agile workplaces delivered are ideal for the collaborative and connective environment the customer was striving for. Pro AV Solutions worked with the design specification provided by the bank’s trusted AV design consultants Innova-Tech, under the leadership of Jodie Tardelli (Innova-Tech lead consultant), to deliver a functional, agile, user friendly work environment. Under the guidance of Mirvac, Pro AV deployed and delivered over 1,200 spaces across both Foundry and Axle over a 3 year period.


“We have delivered the largest AV project to date in Australia. Consuming over 20,000 manhours and 2 years to install. Over the two large 8-level buildings, there are more than 1200 AV rooms and 55 various AV types, including a 31m high video wall in the Atrium in both buildings, and a 220 inch motorised projection screen mounted at a height of 10m in the concrete bridge.”

– Anthony Jeffcoat, Managing Director of Pro AV Solutions (NSW) 


The Innovation Lab

The Innovation Lab is a big feature of the new office as multi-joinable spaces become a place for external parties to flex their creative muscles and workshop forward thinking ideas with their peers. Designed for a myriad of uses, the key is flexibility enabling seamless collaboration and expression.

  • All multi joinable spaces are VC enabled featuring Poly
  • Tesira networked audio solution for reliable and quality audio experience
  • Wired and wireless content sharing, multiple input locations to suit flexible furniture
  • Mobile control interfaces making it seamless for the user
  • Set up for broadcast and livestreaming with state of the art mixing desk
  • Large 4.8m Samsung LED wall ultra-fine 1.2mm pixel pitch

The Atrium
The Atrium is the town hall space for large corporate announcements. It was key that this space was flexible for these situations but also reliable and easy to use.

  • Networked AV over IP solution
  • Shure wireless microphone system, fully networked Q-SYS audio environment
  • Martin O-line array speakers
  • Multiple input locations
  • Intuitive and mobile control
  • Portable PA speakers and Samsung displays for additional coverage
  • Poly VC enabled for town halls
  • High brightness (12000 lumens) Panasonic projector, projecting over 20m across the atrium onto a 200” motorised screen

The “Wow” Factor
Both the Axle and Foundry building impress from the moment you enter the foyer with incredible use of LED on show. At Axle, there is an Atrium Lift LED wall that blows you away. Standing at 31m tall from the finished floor on the ground to the roof on Level 8, this Vuepix 2.5mm pixel pitch LED makes a stand as the innovative and inviting space the customer was after.

Over at Foundry, there is a 21m long LED in the lift lobby on arrival. Using Samsung 2.5mm pixel pitch LED, the high contrast and bright content are impressive as you go up the escalator to enter the foyer. Once you enter the Forum at Foundry you’ll also find the professional event and broadcast space. Instead of the traditional projector, the customer wanted the visual experience to be as clear and vibrant as possible. Using Samsung’s ultra-fine 1.2mm pixel pitch LED, the 4.8m x 2.7m video wall takes every event presentation to the next level, with multiple input locations to suit flexible layout, furniture, and use case. Audio and video were both key to this space so there is both front and rear PTZ cameras as well as multiple ceiling microphone arrays and wireless microphone system for a holistic AV system. The space is also VC enabled for virtual events and live streaming with rear control booth for presentation and events.

Scalability & Wayfinding
With one of the largest floor plates in the southern hemisphere, ATP B2is referred to as a ground scraper.

To assist staff navigate the building and be efficient in their use of time, Pro AV has deployed a network of wayfinding signage boards across all floors that can display floor plans and heat map analytics to show where people are congregating.

To further assist with the smooth use of available spaces, room scheduling technology is available on all AV spaces, allowing staff to easily book rooms from their calendar or occupy rooms on an ad-hoc basis.

Executive Spaces
The Executive spaces are where critical decisions are made and the most important presentations are delivered so it was key that these boardroom spaces are hassle free, quick to join, all visuals are easily seen, and that everyone is clearly heard. To meet this scope, along with the large commercial display in the centre of the room, ‘in the round’ configuration with Samsung 49” QMR displays in the centre of the round Boardroom table to ensure content clearly visible by all participants. Each room is Poly VC enabled with dual PTZ camera solution so remote participants can feel like they are there in the room as well. Shure ceiling microphone array speakers give remote participants an equal voice. As a networked AV over IP solution, the stability of the space is improved, delivering the perfect result for such highly critical rooms.

Collaboration at the Core
Teamwork and collaboration is at the core of the customer so the collaboration spaces were incredibly important and well thought out. These spaces are not just easy to use but incredibly warm and inviting, flexible, and agile. Every space is VC enabled so remote participants can easily join. There is a great mix of formal and informal meeting spaces, collaboration booths, scrum spaces, and huddle walls.


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