Case Study – Adelaide Convention Centre

Central Building


The Adelaide Convention Centre (ACC) is regarded as one of the top convention centres around the world. Critical to the convention centre’s ongoing success is the high quality AV equipment and systems ensuring the venue remains a market leader and technologically advanced

space, all while considering the experience of patrons at the venue. As it is one of the most popular event venues in Adelaide, the client’s requirements were for a high-quality, full functioning and operational system delivered on time.



Adelaide Venue Management (AVM) awarded Pro AV Solutions the integration and upgrade of its existing AV Equipment and Systems within ACC’s Central Building including projector upgrades, a new matrix system and an upgraded cabling structure.
The project required a high quality projection solution to ensure a stunning and memorable visual experience. Ceiling mounted Christie Boxer 2K20 projectors were integrated providing the venue with a high-impact, powerful projection with true colour reproduction. Along with the projectors, the Christie Spyder X80 matrix system was installed making it

quick and easy for the venue staff to convert and route any signal to any of the projectors.
Behind the scenes, a complete upgrade of key exhibition and event space cabling infrastructure was conducted including the installation of several kilometres of twisted-pair, audio and fibre optic cabling. These were terminated to new patch bays within all-new equipment racks, as well as in multiple locations within the field. This new cabling infrastructure was installed and commissioned to the highest standards and will future-proof the Adelaide Convention Centre’s technology and signal routing capabilities for the next 30 years.



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