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Pro AV Solutions are the GPA team in Australia.



The GPA provides professional audiovisual and unified communication services via its regional business units in more than 50 countries and in over 170 major cities around the globe. Collectively we employ 3,800 industry professionals. As a result, Pro AV Solutions part of the biggest AV and collaboration consortium in the world.

With the support of our global team, Pro AV Solutions delivers world class products and services to the global market place. This is for some of our globally headquartered business right here in Australia, or as an opportunity to partner on behalf of our many GPA teams around the world servicing multinational organisations globally.


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With more than 30 years of audio visual experience, a team of over 170 professionals and eight offices around the country, our expertise and size provides an unparalleled set of skills that when matched with the worlds most advanced technology, deliver some of the largest and most prestigious audio visual projects in Australia and internationally.

Pro AV Solutions delivers exceptional experiences at every point in our client relationship, from project inception through to design, delivery, ongoing service and support. We deliver high quality projects on time and on budget, and are always aiming to exceed our client’s expectations throughout dedication to excellence.



Argentina, Chile & Columbia: ICAP
Australia: Pro AV Solutions
Benelux: Avex 
Brazil: Absolut Technologies 
Canada: Applied Electronics
China: Beijing Hitevision
Czech Republic: AV MEDIA
France: Videlio
Japan: Media Plus 
Germany: Global Media Services
Hong Kong: i-Control
India: Godrej
Israel: AVCS 
Italy: Ayno 

Japan: Media Plus 
Mexico: Grupo Niza & Multimedia
New Zealand: Asnet Technologies 
Romania and Southeastern Europe: Avitech
Russia: Polymedia 
Singapore, Phillipines, Indonesia, Thailand & Korea: Esco 
South Africa: Omega Digital Technologies 
Spain: ICAP
Switzerland: Klichenmann 
Turkey: Atempo 
United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait: Omnix 
United Kingdom: AVEX
United States of America: Whitlock 

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