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Eric Kress Lighting Workshop
12 Mar 2014 - Video Production, Audio & Lighting

Eric Kress, the accomplished Danish cinematographer whose credits include The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (2009), Borgen (2010), and The Killing (2007), recently led a lighting workshop at Gokinema.

During the workshop Eric demonstrated the most common variations of how to light dual close-ups.

Review: Zoom H6 Handheld Recorder
4 Feb 2014 - Video Production, Audio & Lighting

Zoom's H6 audio recorder is an impressive and adaptable piece of equipment. Alex Smith and Stephen Holzman of Holzman & Smith Studios review the H6 for

Behind the Scenes - Using the RODE smartLav & iXY
12 Nov 2013 - Video Production, Professional Video, Audio & Lighting

Take a look the RØDE shortfilm "Carpool", and a behind-the-scenes video for examples of how to capture high-quality audio with smart phones.

Using the smartLav for dialogue and the iXY for foley, the RØDE marketing team and Clinton Ham were able to produce a short film on a budget with high quality audio.

Noise Reduction & Removal Tutorial
2 Apr 2013 - Video Production, Professional Video, Post-Production, Audio & Lighting

Learn about noise and ISO settings on your camera. An ISO setting is the digital equivalent to Film's A.S.A setting. Simply put, your ISO is your camera's sensor sensitivity to light. The higher the ISO speed, the more sensitive your sensor will be to light.

Your ISO setting combined with your aperture and shutter speed work together to give you your correct exposure.

Tips for Using the RØDE smartLav
2 Apr 2013 - Video Production, Audio & Lighting

RØDE Product Specialist Ryan Burke takes you through a few best practices when using the RØDE smartLav lavalier microphone on either iOS or Android.

The smartLav is a professional-grade wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of applications, from the boardroom to the pulpit, the car to the classroom.

Complete Greenscreen Tutorial with Eve Hazelton
25 Jun 2012 - Video Production, Post-Production, Audio & Lighting

From: Realm Pictures & Eve Hazelton

Eve takes us through greenscreen work:
1. Analysing your background plate to ensure a convincing key.
2. Lighting your screen and subject to match the background plate.
3. Combining the foreground and background elements in Adobe After Effects.