360° Video using 6 GoPro Cameras

7 Apr 2014 - Video Production, Professional Video

From: j0n4s

Jonas Ginter, a journalist and photographer based in Germany, created this stunning 360° video using 6 GoPro cameras and a custom, 3D-printed mount. Jonas attached the contraption to his bike and his car, creating what appears to be the world's first spherical panorama video.

The 3d-printed mount and six GoPros used for the video

Jonas, in a blog post (in German), reveals that this project has been ongoing for over a year; he tried everything from mirrors, to putting cameras on turntables. Eventually he realised that he would need multiple cameras, and a sturdy mount to house them.

The open-source schematics for the mount are available on Thingiverse, and can be printed by anyone with access to a 3D-printer.

In his blog, Jonas expresses an interest in testing his device on a boat, horse or hot-air balloon, so subscribe to his channel for those inevitable videos.