Canon EOS C100 Feature Upgrade

12 Mar 2014 - Video Production, Professional Video, Photography

Now available from Canon is an accredited Canon service center installed upgrade for the EOS C100 Digital Video Camera that offers an autofocus mode to help ensure sharp focus and smooth focus transitions. The upgrade provides a new Continuous AF (Autofocus) Function for all autofocus Lenses, using Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. A new AF Lock setting also lets you change the image framing while holding the desired focus. These critical focusing capabilities are designed to help reduce out of focus video while providing for smooth focus transitions and assist users when operating with small crews.

The accredited Canon service center installed feature upgrade for the EOS C100 camera is targeted at users who regularly shoot with smaller crews, who shoot moving subjects, or who want smoother, more natural-looking autofocus. Specific markets include documentary filmmakers, electronic newsgathering, sports productions, weddings and similar special events, nature and wildlife, and many others. Watch the video below to see how this feature helps allow a shooter to create a unique perspective when filming a wedding:

Handcrafting Unique Wedding Films with the EOS C100 Digital Video Camera

The EOS C100 camera with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology features a CMOS sensor that consists of an array of pixels that each feature two separate photodiodes. By continuously comparing their outputs during AF mode, phase-difference autofocus helps ensure non-blurred images and smooth focus transitions even when the talent and/or camera are moving. The new feature places a high priority on maintaining sharp focus while, providing a natural, smooth autofocus movement with select Canon EF lenses – including newer-generation STM lenses – which offer even smoother and quieter operation.

After this modification, the EOS C100 camera's Continuous AF function active area represents 20% of the image vertically and 25% horizontally, yielding a very large, centrally located autofocus zone. The AF lock mode allows you to set focus and hold it, allowing you to change framing while maintaining the original point of focus.

A modified EOS C100 camera's set-up menu offers two options for “AF Mode” – One-Shot AF and Continuous Autofocus. The AF Lock function can optionally be set to one of the camera's assignable buttons. During shooting, you simply press this button to lock the focus preventing the camera from refocusing, and then press it again to re-enable continuous AF.

The Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology helps provide smooth and consistent autofocus, so that focus transitions are natural looking and that subjects can remain focused even as they move. The compatibility of Dual Pixel CMOS AF with Canon EF autofocus lenses combines outstanding optical tools with a wide range of creative options.

By using the Contrast AF system to supplement the EOS C100 camera's new Dual Pixel CMOS AF the camera can determine which direction to initially drive the lens helping to result in reduced focused hunting.

The combination of Contrast AF and Dual Pixel CMOS AF helps ensure that the EOS C100 camera's autofocus system initially drives the lens in the correct direction resulting in faster focus up acquisition. The upgraded EOS C100 camera will focus twice as fast as an unmodified camera, with a more natural look with no focus overshooting. Because the current One-Shot AF mode uses only Contrast AF, movements can sometimes be jerky with overshoot errors.

Canon Australia will perform this feature upgrade at a cost of $550 AUD (GST inclusive) or $600 NZD (GST inclusive), and requires that EOS C100 cameras be sent to an accredited Canon service center.
Australia: Call 13 13 83 (select option 2 – then option 1 and option 1) or Email
New Zealand: Call 0800 222 666 (select option 3 – then option 1) or Email