Eric Kress Lighting Workshop

12 Mar 2014 - Video Production, Audio & Lighting

Eric Kress, the accomplished Danish cinematographer whose credits include The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (2009), Borgen (2010), and The Killing (2007), recently led a lighting workshop at Gokinema. GoKinema is an annual event held at Gothenburg Film Studios, Sweden, that invites film artisans from all over the world to come and develop their craft.

During the workshop Eric demonstrated the most common variations of how to light dual close-ups. The scene was composed of a man (Pontus Tornqvist Loven) and a woman (Matilda Jelse) near a window.

From: thefilmbook

In Part One of the workshop video, Eric introduces the workshop and then demonstrates 3 lighting variations around a window on the sound stage set:

  1. One exterior soft source
  2. Adding an exterior poly bounce as a background light
  3. Adding an interior fill

Here in Part Two, Eric adds 3 more variations:

  1. An exterior hard light “sun” source (with gaffer tape finger)
  2. An interior backlight
  3. Replacing the side fill with an interior top light

For more information, including light diagrams and credits, visit the ASC website.