Vimeo's Top 10 of 2013 + Creator Q&A

28 Jan 2014 - Video Production, Professional Video, Post-Production

From: Vimeo Staff

Throughout 2013, Vimeo's staff featured just under 1,500 videos in Staff Picks. From that garguantuan list, they've selected 10 videos that represent their Top 10 videos of the year. These videos can be viewed via the "Hubnut" slideshow above, or you can click here to view as a playlist.

Riley Hooper, a Vimeo staff member, then interviewed three creators whose work was featured in the Top 10: Ohji, about his music video for the Keys N Krates song "Treat Me Right"; Polish artists Kijek / Adamski, about their stop-motion work for Shugo Tokumaru's track "Katachi"; and Martín Rosete, for his popular short Voice Over.

From the discussion with Kijek / Adamski:

VVS: How did you shoot it? Was the camera on a dolly?

K/A: We shot the whole video in a studio using a Canon 5D Mk II. One picture was taken after adding each silhouette to the installation. After each frame was taken, we moved the camera back .5 cm (the exact thickness of the PVC plate) on a simple, self-made dolly. The whole installation was 10 meters long. Check out this behind the scenes video and you'll see!

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