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4 Jul 2017 - General Info

Cisco Spark Board

Workplace demographics are shifting; millenials desire more mobility, flexible work schedules and virtualised collaboration.

In the first quarter of 2015, Millennials surpassed Generation X to become the largest share of the modern day workforce.* This means that by 2025, Millennials and Gen Z will make up the majority of the workforce. Organisations around the globe are now facing the pressure of adapting their workplace and culture to appeal to the up and coming workforce.

Millennials are entering the workforce and they are bringing with them a new perception of what office life should be like. To create the most Millennial friendly workplace, technology plays a huge role. Here are a few key highlights you should know about the impact this generation will play on the technology featured in the workplace.

1.Flexibility of workplace

According to a survey conducted by Gallup, “the benefits and perks that employees truly care about are those that offer them greater flexibility, autonomy and the ability to lead a better life.”

The Gallup survey found that flexible scheduling and work-from-home opportunities play a major role in an employee’s decision to take or leave a job. There is a clear shift towards agile and flexible workspaces with workers more accessible on mobile devices. Although all employees share this designer, there seems to have been a bigger push from younger generations to make the changes happen.

2.They don’t want to waste time over small things

Operational efficiency can really impact the happiness of Millennial workers, as it does most people. The most successful brands with high Millennial retention are adopting digital technology solutions that are supported by cloud based apps or a mobile component. These are not just familiar to this young generation but usually save time and improve efficiency.

3.Collaboration in the workplace

Gone are the days of office cubicles. As the most collaborative and inclusive generation to date, these young adults expect their place of work to embrace the same values. Creating an environment that aligns with the participation economy will be your biggest opportunity to create a company where Millennials not only want to work, but seek out as a top professional career.

Cisco Spark infographic


A technology solution to suit upcoming generations

A digital technology solution making waves in the market is Cisco Spark and now, the Cisco Spark Board

 The Cisco Spark service has revolutionised the way you get things done, anywhere, anytime, with an all-in-one business communications service. With Spark, unite your mobile messaging app, phone system, and web and video conferencing tools in a single platform that will bring your business to life. So instead of using one system for this and another for that, you can have one cloud-based platform for all your business communications.

For businesses who are interesting in the Spark revolution, the Spark Board may make the decision even easier.

With the Cisco Spark Board, you can wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference – everything you need for team collaboration, all at the touch of a finger. And you can use the Cisco Spark app to connect to your virtual teams outside the physical room, through the devices of your choice.

The Spark Board is each to use, responsive to touch, and overall a high-quality collaboration experience which can integrate perfectly into most meeting spaces. Everything created on the Spark Board can be stored in the cloud and associated with a virtual room. Making it easy for your employees, teams can pick up where they left off last time using the Cisco Spark app and continue working wherever they want.

To find out how the Spark revolutionises the way people work, email us at sales@proavsolutions.com.au  


Image Credit: Cisco

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