Pro AV Solutions has years of experience working with all levels of government. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective, thoroughly researched tenders possible, and on providing exceptional post-sales support.



An integrated AV solution can enhance any council meeting, event or function. Control the PA system, microphones, projected displays, and lighting from a single, tailored touch panel system. With our help, you can be certain that discussion isn't limited by technological constraints. We also endeavour to design systems that are intuitive and easy-to-use, to facilitate open government proceedings.

Make use of state-of-the-art technology:

  • Projection systems
  • Media players
  • Electronic whiteboards
  • Public displays
  • Unintrusive, celing and wall speakers
  • Voice amplification and equalisation
  • Automation and control systems

Emergency Services


A core component of the modern Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) is its communications system. A redundant path is crucial to ensure that information and strategic orders can pass into and out of the facility without interruption. Coordinate effectively and reliably with our AV solutions.

From local law enforcement to specialised disaster response agencies, audio visual technology effectively facilitates the command and control features of sophisticated network and emergency operations centers around the world. Utilizing high-speed cabling, global Internet access and the one-touch automation capabilities of control systems, a number of tasks can be accomplished efficiently and effectively. Pro AV Solutions can help you to operate your network operations center with significant ease, reliability and peace of mind.

Benefit from:

  • Seamless data management and display
  • Integrated and reliable communication links
  • Automated alarm and information distribution systems

Government Departments


We have proven experience working with state & national governments. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective, thoroughly researched tenders possible, and on providing exceptional post-sales support. We have worked with police agencies, libraries, courts—almost every facet of government.

Governments around the world are faced with the challenge of addressing limited resources, the need for real-time collaboration and broad geographic reach. Our automation and video conferencing solutions can help governments address these challenges by enhancing citizen services, simplifying collaboration with vendors and contractors, improving inter and intra-agency communications and reducing travel.

The modern courtroom has rapidly evolved into an environment that incorporates computer-generated recreations, video taped depositions, audio recordings and more. A well-integrated audio visual system allows court officials  to easily display and control multimedia content.

Our solutions offer:

  • Secure, reliable communication
  • Dynamic digital signage and video walls to disseminate information to the public
  • Impressive presentation facilities with intuitive controls
  • High-quality, automated security and surveillance