Managed Services

Pro AV Solutions has designed and put in place a range of service escalation processes to respond to our clients’ service needs according to the urgency of the situation. 

Our dedicated service centres and managers can customise both local and national service agreements to include:

  • Service Level Agreements
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Emergency Service Call Outs
  • Facility Management
  • Help Desk Assistance

All of our service offerings are flexible and can evolve to meet unique and specific service needs.

Service Level Agreements

Our managed services suites are defined by a detailed service level agreement (SLA), which typically include provisions for:

  • Performance
  • Accountability
  • Security
  • Efficiency
  • Response Times
  • Relevant Upgrades

With an SLA you can be assured that your systems are consistently monitored, reviewed and perform to your expectations. 

Our SLAs also offer our clients loan equipment as in interim solution when replacing or repairing faulty equipment. This means the equipment for the critical components of a system infrastructure are made available via temporary equipment loans so your system is never down for a lengthy period of time.

Remote Monitoring

Our helpdesk can remotely monitor the status of your system and measure specific elements such as usage and capacity. In addition, equipment faults can be tracked in real time with automatic alerts, which enable us to anticipate and address faults before they negatively impact your systems.

Our service team can recommend the appropriate level of access your present network and control system can afford as well discuss customisable upgrades.

If you have existing hardware that you would like to have remotely monitored, talk to one of our service advisors today.

 Preventative Maintenance

In addition to extending the life of your audiovisual and unified communication assets, Pro AV Solutions’ preventative maintenance service ensures your systems are consistently operating at its fullest potential and efficiency. Our preventative maintenance program can be scheduled to any time frame that suits your requirements.

Pro AV Solutions’ preventative maintenance program is overseen by our technical team and includes:

  • Regular performance tests
  • Comprehensive system checks
  • Thorough equipment servicing

Following each service visit our clients receive a comprehensive report outlining:

  • The status of their systems
  • Potential issues or anticipated faults
  • Recommendations to maintain and extend all systems’ future reliability

Emergency Service

We can design a service program to provide you with emergency access to our national team of service engineers. Emergency service can be structured as either part of a comprehensive service level agreement or can be set as a stand-alone service feature* (at agreed upon call rates).

*Please note: Pro AV Solutions is contractually obligated to meet Service Level Agreements; clients with a service agreement in place may receive preferential emergency service over those without.

Facility Management

Pro AV Solutions’ facility management options include:

  • Full-time: AV / VC / UC operator on site
  • Contractual: AV  / VC / UC coordinator for one-off events, conferences or as stipulated in an agreed contract

Our technicians provide the following advantages:

  • Completely proficient with your equipment from the outset
  • Access to full support from our help desk
  • Ability to prepare, monitor and maintain your venues and equipment
  • Assist with organizing equipment rental
  • Manage minor system additions and upgrades

Inventory Control

In addition to technician support, Pro AV Solutions also offers complete audiovisual and videoconferencing system inventory management.

Our Inventory Control service includes:

  • Asset tracking (every piece of hardware by location, brand, model and serial number)
  • RFID tracking on portal equipment
  • Recording service histories for every component
  • Recommendations for upgrade programs to help you plan hardware replacement cycles and advance budgeting.

To enquire about our suite of Managed Services for your business, call 1300 AVCARE (1300 282 273) or email to speak to one of our service advisors today.