Project Portfolio

  • Corporate

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    Pro AV Solutions offers intuitive and cost-effective solutions for presenting and communicating effectively in the business world. Ensure that your boardroom or conference room utilises reliable, state-of-the-art  technology that enhances productivity and impresses clients.

  • Government

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    We have proven experience working with local, state and national levels of government. We pride ourselves on offering the most cost-effective, thoroughly reseachered tenders possible, and on providing exceptional post-sales support. We service courts, councils, EOCs and defence agencies.

  • Education

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    Educational institutions, as they strive to better prepare and engage students, are increasingly turning to audio/visual technology to provide dynamic, relavent content. As more and more learning material is being offered online, AV Systems need to evolve to capture, store and upload multimedia content.

  • Residential

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    Integrated solutions can streamline and simplify all of the technology at home, creating a single system with a single user-interface. Combine home automation with your home theater and multi-room audio player. Tie in the security system, telephone and Internet. Now access it all from any touch screen, networked computer or mobile device.

  • Video Production

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    We service clients from throughout the production industry, including amateur videographers, students, teachers, directors of photography, editors, freelance camera operators, directors, producers and feature film makers.  We also have close relationships with major production and post-production houses as well as major television broadcasters.

  • Health Services

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    Intuitive, integrated AV control solutions can assist healthcare staff with: managing patient records, accessing electronic medical libraries, monitoring emergency situations, and recording and disseminating information for teaching, research and consultation purposes.

  • Mining

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    Mining is an expansive, decentralised industry that relies on secure communications between corporate offices and remote mining sites. By using wireless telephony and audio and video conferencing, mining and energy companies can become more efficient, more competitive in the marketplace and ultimately more successful.

  • Retail & Hospitality

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    For businesses in the goods and services industries, engaging AV solutions have become an effective means of distinguishing oneself from competitors, leading to greater revenue. Digital Signage and Public Displays entice the passer-by with targeted multimedia content, while touch panels generate positive experiences inside.

  • Worship

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    Today’s houses of worship look to enhance their ability to communicate with the congregations and  communities they serve by integrating high-performance, automated multimedia systems. We can assist by simplfying system control, providing expert design and installation, and through long-term maintenance and support.