The Global Presence Alliance provides a streamlined, consistent approach to the deployment of audiovisual and videoconferencing technology on a global basis.//

Consisting of a framework of industry expertise, the Alliance is committed to sharing best practices to guarantee customer experience regardless of location.

The Alliance will provide a sole-source solutions approach to a global audio and video systems integration by providing greater simplicity through a consolidated service operation.

Customers will receive increased gains in operational efficiency by having a single global contact for design, engineering, integration and ongoing maintenance of their technology systems.

The Global Presence Alliance brings together technology and services from around the world to enable new and existing customers a means of creating worldwide strategies to:

  • Increase efficiency through standardizing technology platforms
  • Improve communication and aid collaborative working through technology
  • Better utilize company assets
  • Reduce costs through global purchasing agreements
  • Ease expansion into new territories

Our list of member partners in alphabetical order by country / region: