Educational institutions, as they strive to better prepare and engage students, are increasingly turning to audio/visual technology to provide dynamic, relevant content.

For the past 20 years, Pro AV Solutions has been installing AV systems into educational institutions. We have been in the business through the entire development of educational multimedia technology: from the first appearance of the PC in classrooms, through to today’s latest technologies, including video conferencing, ultra short throw projectors and interactive whiteboards.



Schools are increasingly embracing technology in the classroom as a means for improving academic achievement. Various digital technologies have been introduced to education over the years from projectors and televisions to computers and smart boards, and recently video and web-conferencing via the Internet. Unfortunately, these classroom technologies rarely complement each other, and the level of complexity to schedule and use the multitude of available devices make it difficult for even the most motivated educators to integrate technology into their lesson plans.

Our education solutions are designed around the educator who without any prior training or technology experience can take control in a matter of minutes. After all, technology is meant to simplify the educator's life, not further complicate it. Leave the technology integration to us and let the educators focus on teaching.

Whether for a single auditorium, classroom or multi-location campus, we can effectively network all of your multimedia and facility operation equipment into a time-saving, cost-cutting solution.

Benefit from:

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Projection systems
  • iPads and tablets
  • Portable and secure equipment storage units
  • Public address systems
  • Video conferencing for remote learning or virtual field trips



Universities are forever evolving to meet the demands of industry and society, including technological advancements. In the age of the Internet, students are coming to expect curricular parity between the material available in lectures and print media, and that which is available online. Our AV solutions can help you meet this expectation.

We have the expertise and experience to provide sound advice and 21st century technology that can be readily adopted by your staff. We can design and install everything from a 50-seat lecture theatre, requiring basic projection & entry-level control systems, through to large venue projection and sound systems with comprehensive and intuitive control systems. We also have experience with recording, archiving and uploading lecture material for the Web.

TAFE & Training Institutions

TAFE and Training Institutions

Training institutes work with industry and business to deliver relevant, high-quality, vocational education and training (VET). This training is often reliant on emerging technologies: to best represent the expectations of employers; to better engage and educate students; and to reach a wider base of individuals seeking accreditation via remote learning.

Reduce your carbon footprint and operating costs with our Energy Management Solutions

Unmonitored technological installations can draw large quantities of power if not properly shut down. We can provide you with the ability to manage and reduce your power consumption by incorporating a system for monitoring, controlling and automating the facility’s power usage, including lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC).

Whether for a single auditorium, classroom or even across multiple campuses, we can effectively network all of your multimedia and facility operation equipment into an easy-to-use, powerful solution.

With our solutions, your institution can:

  • Help students access knowledge and content, wherever they’re located
  • Promote content sharing, and engagement among teachers and students
  • Archive and preserve your curricula