LCD / Plasma Panels

LCD and Plasma

Pro AV Solutions offers a full complement of television systems and solutions. All media can be improved with the vibrancy and detail of High Definition. We source premier-quality commercial grade televisions from a number of suppliers, which are guaranteed to enhance any space and heighten the television viewing experience. We can provide industrial-strength, self-diagnosing and energy efficient panels for always-on public displays.

LED Backlit Displays

Your commercial LED LCD displays will be sharper, clearer, more colorful and consume less energy. As the number one display manufacturer in the world, it’s our goal to make you a leader in your category, too.

Touch Screen Displays

Our integrated touch screen solution provides viewers information at the touch of a finger.

Video Wall Displays

Get the most impactful video walls with ultra-thin bezels providing virtually seamless images and high resolution giving you bright, colorful and amazing content that simply cannot be ignored.

Outdoor Displays

Communicate with your audience wherever they are, even if they’re outdoors. This range of panels has extremely high brightness levels for use in direct sunlight, and is dust and water resistant to withstand weather changes. Some panels can even be safely installed in envornments with iron or dust particles in the air, and incorporate front tempered glass to reduce the risk of damage.