An integrated audio visual projection system is a powerful presentation tool. The technology behind projection systems is constantly evolving, leading to new opportunities to dynamically present media content and communicate information. Understanding these technological advances is essential when selecting the best projector for a given application. Luckily for you, our team of experts is on hand to walk you through the respective benefits of LCD, DLP, LCoS and LED projectors.

Ultimately, when purchasing a projector, the five key qualities to consider are:


At Pro AV Solutions, we maintain close relationships with industry-leading manufacturers like Sony, Panasonic, NEC and Mitsubishi Electric so that we can supply the highest quality projectors and best post-sales warranties and support.


Whether it's a presentation, a visual for a stage event, or an HD movie, you want your content to be as eye-catching as possible. That means choosing the right format for your content and projection screen: XGA, WXGA, High Definition or even 4K.


Some projectors are easier to use than others, and usually offer a tradeoff between functionality and ease-of-use. Our staff is familiar with the operation of our products, and can relay the knowledge gained from other customers with similar applications, so that you'll know which projector suits you.


Projector solutions should take into account how future-proof a projector's technology is, and balance that consideration against its features and cost. Considering the limitations of a system from the outset and choosing the most adaptable technology is key, particularly for portable projectors.

Environmental Impact

We are committed to providing energy efficient products that are manufactured by environmentally responsible companies. Power usage, compliance with international standards and recyclability are all taken into account when designing the ideal projection solution.