Environmental Policy

We are committed to managing our operations and services in an environmentally responsible manner and we will develop and implement policies and procedures aligned to the international standard ISO14001 to ensure that Pro AV Solutions takes a systematic approach to environment protection.

Pro AV Solutions is comitted to:

  • Complying with the relevant Federal and State environment legislation, regulations and other requirements
  • Prevent and minimize pollution from our activities
  • Review our activities and develop objectives and targets to minimize our impact on the environment
  • Strive for continual improvement through monitoring , evaluating and refining our energy consumption & waste management initiatives

It is the responsibility of all employees, contractors and sub-contractors to fully support this policy through active participation and co-operation.

  • Collection Boxes for removal of consumables such as Ink Cartridges, Toner Cartridges, Bottles & Copier Parts
  • A safe and responsible disposal service of Projector Lamps, Batteries and Flurorescent Lights

In order to protect the welfare of both our staff and customers, Pro AV Solutions is committed to a Smoke Free Workplace and smoking is not permitted anywhere on our premises or in company vehicles.

This environmental policy is openly available to all members of the public and is accessible via our website, or can be viewed, on request, at our offices.

Recycling, Waste Management & Energy Efficiency Initiatives

Office Paper arising from normal office activity                                                           
- Staff are encouraged to proof read documents on the screen to minimise paper waste, customer statements & invoices are emailed rather than printed & posted, incoming faxes are diverted to email, rather than being printed and unavoidable paper waste is recycled

Cardboard from packaging of equipment
- Our warehouse re-uses incoming packaging material for outgoing deliveries, all waste generated from our activities at clients' premises is taken from site for recycling or disposal and unavoidable cardboard & packaging waste is recycled.

Electronic equipment & mobile phones
- All electronic equipment & mobile phones that can no longer be used are recycled

Fleet Management
- All vehicle maintenance is carried out by licensed mechanics. No oils, solvents etc is kept on the premises and  new vans are all procured with diesel engines for maximum fuel efficiency

Office Consumables
- All consumables, i.e. bottles, ink cartridges, toner kits, copier parts are recycled

Batteries, Projector Lamps & Fluorescent Globes      
- All single use & rechargeable batteries and  projector lamps & fluorescent globes are recycled

Facilities Management
- Our buildings incorporate energy efficient lighting systems with occupancy sensors to light up those areas only when needed. Our air-conditioning system is regularly maintained professional technicians and all electronic equipment displayed in the showroom is turned off at close of business.

- Where possible, outgoing freight for local and interstate deliveries are consolidated